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MagicPlot Full Release History

MagicPlot 3.0.1, Bug fixing release, May 06, 2021

  • 0000631: [Plots] Add switchable ticks for custom grid lines/labels
  • 0000483: [Other] Remove confusing 'Hide title bar' menu item in Mac OS
  • 0000641: [Batch Processing] Batch Processing: the imported tables order is reversed
  • 0000285: [Other] Palettes folder does not open if no palettes were saved (folder is created only when saving the first palette)
  • 0000640: [Other] Colormap palette RGB values with begin spaces cannot be imported
  • 0000639: [Plots] Copy inserted image to the clipboard
  • 0000633: [Other] Error on redo of deleting rows with existing fit plot
  • 0000629: [Drawing] Unnecessary full plot redraws instead of caching (regress)
  • 0000630: [Other] Update to FlatLaf 1.1.2 look and feel: inline main menu (on Windows), plot focus border

MagicPlot 3.0, Major update, January 18, 2021

See also: Introducing MagicPlot 3.0

  • 0000626: [Table] When opening column formula dialog from the inspector, entered incorrect formula is missing
  • 0000625: [Plots] Do not apply auto scale (zoom) when adding first curve if scale is set manually
  • 0000061: [Other] Make new icons for project items (tables, fit plots, figures)
  • 0000384: [Other] Implement multi-resolution icons support
  • 0000086: [Plots] Implement (update) Mac OS X Retina and Windows/Linux HiDPI support
  • 0000617: [Other] Implement HiDPI support for StyleView, style icons, comboboxes, PaletteView
  • 0000605: [Other] ColorButton HiDPI support
  • 0000593: [Other] MagicPlot won't start if templates folder is missing
  • 0000488: [Drawing] When several lines are ploted only the first one is solid, others by default are dashed
  • 0000499: [Other] Remove Student edition and make Pro functioning in limited mode after trial ending
  • 0000623: [Other] Typed text is suddenly selected when renaming a project tree entry, selected part is erased by subsequent typing
  • 0000621: [Other] Axes range fields in properties dialog are incorrectly updated when typing and deleting with backspace
  • 0000516: [Batch Processing] Batch processing error if new tables have more rows than template table
  • 0000374: [Other] Add new look and feel support
  • 0000619: [Plots] Switch selection and resizers rendering canvas size to the canvas size used for HiDPI rendering
  • 0000239: [Plots] Update Waterfall window with current X-Y shift values
  • 0000569: [Other] Add 'Create new folder' toolbar button
  • 0000615: [Plots] Color map legend (color bar) 'auto positioning' is not restored on undoing its move
  • 0000611: [Plots] Open text editor on plot is not properly disposed when window is closed
  • 0000610: [Table] Error in formula auto recalculation for zero rows number
  • 0000607: [Image Export] Set the resolution of copied raster image to the resolution of exported file
  • 0000496: [Other] Color map step auto recalculation update and undo
  • 0000603: [Plots] Preserve zero scale limit when zooming in/out with toolbar buttons
  • 0000472: [Plots] Scale fields in inspector toolbar are not updated after setting log scale and auto changed range.
  • 0000601: [Other] Toolbar and Inspector toolbar are not always updated after closing last internal frame
  • 0000145: [Processing] Add special functions (bessel, erf, etc) and ctg, mod functions to formula syntax
  • 0000599: [Plots] Add vertical and horizontal dash line as markers
  • 0000600: [Plots] Add join and dash line end setting to preferences
  • 0000565: [Plots] Allow zero values for 1) Width of caps of error bars 2) Marker edge width 3) Marker size
  • 0000580: [Other] Use -XX:MaxRAMPercentage=75 heap size parameter for all distributables.
  • 0000543: [Plots] Axes number selection in Figure Properties dialog does not work when double click on axis tick labels
  • 0000598: [Plots] MacOS: Some custom cursors are located incorrectly
  • 0000573: [Other] Fix opening properties by doble click gesture (only left button double click must work)
  • 0000597: [Plots] Cannot clear selection on plot if Fit Interval tab is selected in Fit Plot
  • 0000596: [Processing] Implement xor(a, b) function
  • 0000551: [Processing] Implement negation operator (!) in formula
  • 0000595: [Processing] Change boolean specification: true is != 0 instead of > 0
  • 0000583: [Other] Created copy of a Project element must be inserted after the original instead of the end of the list
  • 0000515: [Other] On MacOS main menu is not blocked by progress dialog
  • 0000590: [Import] Empty column names are skipped on import
  • 0000585: [Other] Add comments to formula syntax
  • 0000584: [Other] Java 6 inspired bug: round(0.49999999999999994) = 1
  • 0000582: [Other] Show function parameter names in function reference
  • 0000561: [Plots] Canvas raster buffer size is not updated properly when changing the screen scale
  • 0000514: [Other] Cmd+H keyboard shortcut on MacOS is used by system, replace with Shift-Command-H (Ctrl+Shift+H)
  • 0000548: [Fitting] Do not add Data-Baseline column by default, replace it with 'Add curve to table' context menu
  • 0000549: [Fitting] Implement fit curve to column evaluation ('rasterization')
  • 0000576: [Other] When copying color map plotable to another project with (table copy) the links to index columns are incorrect
  • 0000484: [Drawing] Drawings are not snapped to canvas borders and center
  • 0000570: [Other] In project tree inside Figure properties dialog moving Axes boxes and curves leads to creating a copy instead of moving
  • 0000571: [Other] Drop target in Project tree with axes boxes and curves visible can be incorrect if only part of children is visible in the tree
  • 0000510: [Other] Add 'Create new folder' keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+N, Shift-Command-N on Mac OS)
  • 0000568: [Other] The title of Export menu item in Project menu is not updated according to selected in project tree or active window
  • 0000552: [Other] If Project Tree is not focused, it will not get focus when opening context menu on right click.
  • 0000530: [Other] Pasting a fit curve from another project comes with pasting data table from original fit plot
  • 0000527: [Plots] Color map with manually set inverted range and axis scale from bigger to lower is drown as non-inverted
  • 0000567: [Other] Adding table curve to multiple selected figures when copy-pasting table
  • 0000564: [Other] When pasting to multiple selected locations, dependent components must be copies only once
  • 0000563: [Other] Draw instrument is not preserved when switching internal windows
  • 0000562: [Other] Corrupted Fit Plot structure is pasted between the projects if canvas (Figure of Fit Plot) or curves table is focused
  • 0000171: [Table] Simplify inserting fit formula into column formula (add x=$A; in fit report)
  • 0000172: [Processing] Unified formula syntax (setting variable values in formula)
  • 0000553: [Processing] Syntax highlighting: show all usage of variable or function under cursor
  • 0000556: [Architecture] Re-implement formula syntax highlighting
  • 0000155: [Table] Multiple column formulas
  • 0000546: [Table] Reverse order row calculation in column formula dialog
  • 0000557: [Other] Implement permanent parse error highlighting with wavy line
  • 0000056: [Fitting] Add Undo capability to formula editor
  • 0000554: [Other] Incorrect braces highlighting in formulas with line breaks after paste on Windows
  • 0000532: [Architecture] Use HashMap back to speed up indexOf() for AbstractProjectComponent children
  • 0000443: [Other] Annoying restoring of open windows after closing one of them maximized
  • 0000256: [Processing] Add empty cell (NaN) check function in column formula sintax
  • 0000463: [Table] Simplify function syntax col(A) and cell(A, 1) with $A and $A$1
  • 0000385: [Table] Constants A, B,… are not properly converted without col() if appropriate column is deleted
  • 0000534: [Table] Inspector toolbar update and table scroll is slow when adding 1000 rows to 10000 column table
  • 0000181: [Table] Column moving lag
  • 0000541: [Architecture] Memory leak on project closing
  • 0000097: [Table] Focus (selection) after entering column name: first row instead of last row
  • 0000464: [Other] Slow performance of JComboBox columns selector for big column count (10000)
  • 0000526: [Other] Error in undo table creation after formula editing
  • 0000508: [Other] Quick plot is not updated after column recalculation
  • 0000525: [Processing] Add Columns/Rows selector to Descriptive Statistics dialog
  • 0000521: [Other] Annoying selection in Project Tree when closing non-active window
  • 0000522: [Plots] The legend background box does not account multi line text (regression)
  • 0000402: [Other] Cannot put fit curve to the end of fit curves list in some circumstances

Note: Some internal architecture changes, refactoring and small fixes are not shown in this list of changes.

MagicPlot 2.9.3, Minor update, March 1, 2020

  • 0000449: [Other] Error with saving project files on server
  • 0000489: [Other] Saving read-only project file cause false 'old project file is corrupted' message
  • 0000507: [Other] Remove project name from shown path to table in table and column selector
  • 0000495: [Other] Add to Axes button may not work in Figure Properties dialog (regression)
  • 0000500: [Plots] Column selection combobox is not updated when selecting another table in Curve properties dialog

MagicPlot 2.9.2, Minor update, November 27, 2019

  • 0000485: [Other] Formula with consecutive new line symbols get damaged when opening in new version
  • 0000487: [Plots] Drop table on figure causes table moving in project tree
  • 0000477: [Plots] Do not auto rename axes (if name was edited) when pasting the first curve on figure
  • 0000481: [Plots] Figure Properties does not open in there is no axes box on Figure
  • 0000486: [Other] Pasted objects order is different on each paste

MagicPlot 2.9.1, Minor update, November 01, 2019

See also: Introducing MagicPlot 2.9.1-2.9.3

  • 0000469: [Plots] When applying log scale, fix range from 'best view' if range ⇐ 0
  • 0000154: [Table] Column formula: 'j' variable for column number
  • 0000076: [Plots] Add more available plot types into create plot menu
  • 0000466: [Other] Projects are merged if opened simultaneously
  • 0000468: [Other] MacOS: Progress bar must not show text over the bar
  • 0000465: [Plots] Progress dialog border is truncated on the right on Mac OS
  • 0000447: [Other] The dollar sign ($) is not saved correctly in column formula in project file
  • 0000462: [Plots] Major tick and label may disappear on the boundary of the range
  • 0000349: [Other] Add copy-paste context menu to fit parameters table
  • 0000364: [Other] 'Add to current axes' figures list must be sorted like opened windows
  • 0000335: [Drawing] Selection remain on all elements after Undo “Ungroupping”.
  • 0000431: [Plots] Copy Fit Curve from Figure to Figure in another Project: style is taken from the source Curve on Fit Plot instead of Figure
  • 0000453: [Other] Project entities are not pasted if some folder is not selected in Project Tree
  • 0000452: [Plots] Histogram legend must be drawn with squares instead of lines
  • 0000293: [Plots] Curve fill is not shown in legend
  • 0000454: [Other] Edited fit curve interval remains visible after curve deletion
  • 0000445: [Plots] Program hangs if colormap legend range is log-scale and starts from 0
  • 0000451: [Plots] Program hangs with zero scale range (min=max) and when scrolling with inverted scale (max<min)
  • 0000440: [Plots] Color Maps: X index from a separate column is truncated with the matrix rows count

MagicPlot 2.9, Major update, July 19, 2019

See also: Introducing MagicPlot 2.9

Starting with this release MagicPlot application executable is digitally signed by the developer. Note that in Mac OS build of MagicPlot the company name is displayed as 'MEDZHIKPLOT SISTEMS, OOO' instead of 'Magicplot Systems, LLC' due to transliteration issues.

MagicPlot nor more uses 'public' Java Runtime installed in the Windows and Mac OS X operating system. Java Runtime Environment (v. 12 or later) is now bundled with the executable.

  • 0000428: [Fitting] Individual fit interval was not set from data range for guessed curves
  • 0000424: [Plots] Y ticks and labels on the bottom disappear is axes box is dragged up and the top border is outside the screen
  • 0000330: [Drawing] Group/ungroup operation is too slow if the group contains many items
  • 0000421: [Plots] Right alignment and repositioning of numeric labels of colormap palette does not work
  • 0000420: [Plots] Left/right axis labels left/right alignment (the opposite to the default one) is broken in export and is not saved in project
  • 0000402: [Other] Cannot put a fit curve to the end of fit curves list in some circumstances
  • 0000419: [Other] Cannot Cut curves from Fit Plot in Curves table (but cutting from plot area works)
  • 0000418: [Table] Descriptive Statistics toolbar and Quick View toolbar are not updated after adding/deleting a column in a table
  • 0000391: [Other] Export Curves as Table dialog: setting the rows count does not work in some cases
  • 0000381: [Other] Project tree keyboard shortcuts: Enter to open selected
  • 0000403: [Plots] Fit curve legend (style image) disappears when applying figure template with markers only.
  • 0000360: [Other] License info is not saved and no error message appears
  • 0000406: [Plots] Drawings disappear after grouping
  • 0000197: [Plots] Best scale zoom does not take error bars into account
  • 0000146: [Drawing] If rectangle rotated 90 degrees, scaling works awkwardly
  • 0000352: [Plots] Ignore ⇐ 0 values in log scale auto-scale zoom (best view)
  • 0000362: [Drawing] Negative-width lines/arrows are not drawn on screen depending on the scale
  • 0000365: [Plots] Manual increment for major ticks does not work if Multiplier is set
  • 0000401: [Drawing] Changing drawing line ending causes double history command
  • 0000379: [Plots] Fix scientific notation format in colormap legend
  • 0000393: [Other] Curve style dialog opens outside of the screen
  • 0000396: [Other] Fit Plot from just imported table is incorrectly named “B-Baseline”
  • 0000369: [Other] Different operation when drag and dropping files on the tree and on the desktop pane
  • 0000383: [Plots] Implement Mac OS Retina and Windows HiRes mode for plots rendering
  • 0000377: [Drawing] Increase line sticking to vertical/horizontal
  • 0000375: [Other] Inactive project window annoyingly blinks when autosaving
  • 0000361: [Plots] Printed figure is corrupted: scale error

MagicPlot 2.8.2, Minor update, December 18, 2018

  • 0000341: [Other] Add hotkeys for tabs (internal windows) navigation: Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+], Ctrl+1…9 (with Cmd on Mac)
  • 0000229: [General] Please make Action: closing active window within MagicPlot with a shortcut, e.g. Ctr+W
  • 0000319: [Other] Shortcut <Ctrl + C>, i.e. copy command, often does not work
  • 0000345: [Batch Processing] Enable 'skip' checkbox for Template FitPlot in Fit Series dialog
  • 0000316: [Other] Collapse all won't work on 2.8
  • 0000320: [Plots] Color map properties: Column X does not work in some circumstances
  • 0000321: [Plots] Error bars color: when marker and line is off, the color button is active but it does not work
  • 0000326: [Table] Table transpose works incorrectly for text columns
  • 0000334: [Other] Long task may be run when another long task is running in ProgressDialog
  • 0000315: [Other] Error on saving if project file in Dropbox folder
  • 0000329: [Drawing] When drag (rectangle) selecting, the group parts can be selected separately
  • 0000336: [Other] Source data of evaluators in other Tables or Fit Plots is not copied (batch fitting summary, correlation, fft)
  • 0000337: [Drawing] Grouped items are copy-pasted with an illegal shift in the same canvas
  • 0000344: [Other] Context menu is not opened if cyclic dependency appears
  • 0000346: [Other] Old-style links to DataCurve in FitPlot need to be replaced by clones on old project files reading
  • 0000340: [Plots] Don't round values of plot data in the status bar

MagicPlot 2.8.1, Bug fixing release, September 06, 2018

  • 0000314: [Other] Add feedback in case of JVM crash on font file opening or rendering (font name in thread name)
  • 0000313: [Table] Regression: Table transpose does not work in some cases
  • 0000312: [Plots] Multi-axes plots created in previous versions are displayed incorrectly in some cases (curves are mixed-up between axes)
  • Other minor fixes

MagicPlot 2.8, Major update, August 31, 2018

See also: Introducing MagicPlot 2.8

  • Added: 0000049: [Other] Full-functional project tree with nested folders and copy-paste support:
    • 0000215: [General] Move up/down items in the project tree
    • 0000047: [Plots] Fix copy/paste restriction: only components of one type (curves or drawings) can be copied
    • 0000069: [Drawing] Add capability to copy axes box with all contents
    • 0000059: [Other] Add project merging (add one to another) – via copy/paste
  • Added: 0000058: [Other] Project autosaving
  • Added: 0000024: [Drawing] Drawn objects grouping
  • Added: 0000241: [Plots] Implement changing table in data curve dialog
  • Added: 0000106: [Plots] Add multi-column in legend
  • Added: 0000017: [Drawing] Creating empty Figure without axes boxes or deleting the rest axes box
  • Improved: 0000244: [Plots] Optimize colormap drawing
  • Improved: 0000225: [Other] Add symbol <Planck constant with bar> to the math symbol table
  • Improved: 0000282: [Other] Leave project file opened for cloud services work
  • Improved: 0000193: [Plots] Add warning about doubled values in x/y column of color map plot
  • Improved: 0000284: [Plots] Rename (clarify) properties context menu items
  • Improved: 0000023: [Drawing] Improved drawing objects sticking algorithm: all other objects are checked
  • Improved: 0000298: [Fitting] Add more max iterations in the drop-down menu in Preferences
  • Fixed: 0000223: [Plots] Adding of fitted data as Fit Sum to the main graph produces Thickness-2 roughly dashed line
  • Fixed: 0000222: [Plots] When Fill “To X-Axis” is applied to data shifted by waterfall result is not correct
  • Fixed: 0000232: [Plots] Waterfall shift values are mistakenly copied when creating Fit Plot from Figure with waterfall
  • Fixed: 0000202: [Other] Table and tree rows height is broken for HiDPI on Windows
  • Fixed: 0000295: [Import] UTF BOM chars are not ignored on the beginning of the imported file
  • Fixed: 0000299: [Import] NaN text is not recognized as a number in import and the column becomes text column
  • Fixed: 0000294: [Import] Disable empty lines skipping on import and pasting
  • Fixed: 0000296: [Plots] ColorMap is not replotted when x/y column data is changed
  • Fixed: 0000304: [Plots] Incorrect warning “Y column has missing points at the beginning” in Color Map Properties dialog
  • Fixed: 0000281: [Plots] ColorMap legend (colorbar) is not scaled with all image when changing the canvas size
  • Fixed: 0000219: [Other] Adding a new table puts it randomly, either in the selected folder or in a new folder
  • Fixed: 0000050: [Other] Print/Export Images in Project context menu and Ctrl+E, Ctrl+P must print all selected, not the one
  • Fixed: 0000289: [General] Out of memory error when dropping big project file on Figure canvas (tries to treat it as an image first)

MagicPlot 2.7.2, Bug fixing release, September 18, 2016

  • Fixed: 0000210: [Plots] Regress in 2.7.1: Negative minor ticks are not displayed in some cases.
  • Fixed: 0000206: [Other] Project Tree does not update after opening a project that does not exist.

MagicPlot 2.7.1, Bug fixing release, September 9, 2016

  • Fixed: 0000203: [Plots] Minor ticks count in Log scale cannot be set correctly.
  • Fixed: 0000198: [Other] 'Add & Arrange Axes' dialog box is opened under 'Figure Preferences' dialog in some cases.
  • Fixed: 0000117: [Image Export] White rectangle is created over the canvas in EPS when opening in selected applications (TeX's epstopdf converter was affected).
  • Fixed: 0000205: [Plots] Manual Increment entered is not multiplied by Multiplier.

MagicPlot 2.7, Major update, June 29, 2016


  • MagicPlot 2.6 release was skipped.
  • The development was slow in 2014 and resumed in 2015; Plotvisor 2.0 application was released in Oct 2015.
  • Java 7 or later is now required on Windows and Linux/Unix, Java 8 or later on Mac OS.
  • The MagicPlot Pro 2.5.x license is valid for v. 2.7.x (it is a free update for current users).


  • Added: Color map plots (aka surface plot / heat map / 2D plots): non-uniform matrix support, interpolation support, Pro edition only [0000002]. See also: Manual topic on Color Map Plots.
  • Improved: New dialog windows style (previously used only in Processing dialogs) [0000189].
  • Improved: Special symbols/characters dialog moved to Tools menu [0000057].
  • Improved: Replaced Java2D stroke normalization with explicit coordinates rounding [0000138].
  • Improved: Removed unused parts of eps prologue [0000112].
  • Improved: When template is applied, empty (in template) legends are kept as is [0000124].
  • Improved: Legend titles are 'overloaded' with column name when plotting the same columns from multiple tables [0000131].
  • Improved: Rounded ticks positions when using axis multiplier [0000104].
  • Fixed: Nonlinear fitting: When Y error columns are set, weights must not be normalized to calculate the correct chi square in the fit report [0000081].
  • Fixed: Fit Plot: Saving 'Sum', 'Data-Baseline' checkbox values to project and add undo for them [0000070].
  • Fixed: Inspector toolbar was not updated when selecting curves from Figure properties components table [0000188].
  • Fixed: Bug with changing scale type when deleting axes box [0000099].
  • Fixed: 'Custom grid lines' table behavior (focus) [0000160].
  • Fixed: Smoothing of a curve from Fit Plot on Figure: 'Replace curve' changes Fit Plot (should not) [0000113].
  • Fixed: Log scale is not displayed in Processing preview in Smooth dialog [0000114].
  • Fixed: Data Curve Properties dialog is not updated when data columns change [0000133].
  • Fixed: Path2D points limit optimization must not be used for export rendering [0000110].
  • Fixed: EPS/Postscript: Canvas size is not interpreted by all applications [0000111].
  • Fixed: MagicPlot does not take into account current screen (multi-monitors) [0000127].
  • Fixed: Processing of curve with index X column does not work [0000132].
  • Fixed: No error message is shown if the inserted image is absent in project file [0000140].
  • Other minor bug fixes.

The number in square brackets is the ticket ID from our internal issue tracker.

MagicPlot 2.5.1, Bug fixing release, June 25, 2013

  • Fixed: Some bugs in saving batch processing summary table evaluator
  • Improved: Peak guess dialog must not remember the number of previously guessed peaks
  • Other little fixes

MagicPlot 2.5, Major update, May 22, 2013

Introducing MagicPlot 2.5, 2.5.1

  • Added: New processing features: smoothing, convolution, deconvolution, correlation
  • Added: Processing of multiple curves/columns from table/figure in one processing dialog
  • Added: Full fit function formula in Report tab
  • Added: All processing dialogs show preview plot
  • Added: 'Create Fit Plot' menu item on Figure curves
  • Improved: Faster application launch
  • Improved: Selected cells in unfocused tables are shown with gray background
  • Improved: 'Delete emptied Figures' checkbox in confirm deletion dialog
  • Improved: Faster progress dialogs updating
  • Improved: Smart limitation for undo history to prevent unavoidable memory leak
  • Improved: New algorithm for peaks guessing
  • Improved: Automated unit tests for processing routines and nonlinear fitting (incl. NIST data sets)
  • Fixed: Curve colors alternation when adding curves, including batch processing
  • Fixed: Saving some deleted images to project file (mistakenly taken from undo history)
  • Fixed: Negative sizes in dimensions toolbar did not work
  • Fixed: Incorrect formula correction when multiple columns are deleted
  • Fixed: Avalanche deletion of evaluators which use deleted components
  • Fixed: Creating inset axes: copies unnecessary properties from current axes style
  • Fixed: Import multiple text files: Columns with numbers greater than the number of columns in first row were treated as text
  • Fixed: Project tree sometimes can stop reflecting the project structure
  • Fixed: Calibry Light font crash on Windows with Oracle Java 1.6_45 and 1.7_21 fontmanager.dll (Update: Bug fixed in Java 1.7_25)

MagicPlot 2.3, Minor update, June 7, 2012

  • Improved: EMF and vector image copy on Windows: coordinates tolerance increased
  • Improved: EPS, PDF: writing real font postscript names without fonts embedding
  • Improved: Show trailing zeros checkbox did not affect axes labels
  • Improved: Hand tool does not select and move objects when image is zoomed in
  • Improved: Batch Processing: Confusing legends on Figure when adding curves to existing Figure
  • Fixed: EPS: Landscape orientation activated mistakenly
  • Fixed: On Mac OS X: Helvetica plain font was mistakenly written in vector images as Helvetica-Light
  • Trial period is 30 days, no need to request trial key!

MagicPlot 2.2, Major update, May 21, 2012

Improvements in Vector Image Export

  • EPS, PDF: Font embedding fixed, including non-Latin characters
  • EPS, PDF: Writing correct Postscript font names for 14 standard fonts
  • PDF: Transparency support fixed
  • EPS: Transparency support added (with pdfmark tags)
  • SVG: New export format added
  • EMF: Objects misplacement fixed
  • Unnecessary items removed from file format options dialogs

Other Major Improvements

  • Added: Inserting raster images on Figures and Fit Plots
  • Added: Setting column formulas from inspector toolbar
  • Added: Automatic formulas correction when used columns positions are changed
  • Improved: Standard fonts are replaced with analogs if not present when opening project on other OS (Times, Helvetica, Courier)
  • Improved: Automatic installing for all users (no need to re-enter key for each user account)

Minor Improvements

  • Fixed: Image export on OpenJDK failed
  • Fixed: Importing multiple files when 'opening with' in Explorer/Finder: Only one Import dialog opens for all files
  • Fixed: Limit of length of names of project entries introduced
  • Fixed: Delta X field in 'Create Table from Curves' worked incorrectly
  • Fixed: Table did not get focus by click on header
  • Fixed: Fit Interval in batch processing was mistakenly updated if it was full interval in template Fit Plot
  • Fixed: Double slant of italic fonts on Mac OS X
  • Improved: Drawn objects can be moved to the back of the axes
  • Improved: Checking loaded project version and ask for program update
  • Added: '$' variable which means current column number, i.e. col($) = col($-1)
  • Added: Opening projects and file import by dragging files into MagicPlot window
  • Other fixes

MagicPlot 2.0.1, Minor update, Dec 1, 2011

  • Some bugs fixed

MagicPlot 2.0, Major update, Nov 8, 2011

Introducing MagicPlot 2.0

  • Added: Batch Processing and Fitting Series tool (Pro edition only)
  • Added: Text columns in tables
  • Improved: Multi-core optimization in curve fitting
  • Improved: Copying/pasting of column names with copying/pasting table data
  • Improved: 'Auto detect' alternative in comment lines prefix on import dialog
  • Improved: 'Maximum iterations number exceeding' shows message about fit error
  • Improved: New shortcut for creating Table (Ctrl+T)
  • Improved: OS X full-screen support (requires Mac OS X 10.7 with Java Update 1 installed)
  • Many minor improvements and bugs fixed

MagicPlot 1.5, Major update, May 24, 2011

Introducing MagicPlot 1.5

  • Added: Pro: Sorting tables
  • Added: Pro: Table Transposing
  • Added: Pro: Statistics toolbar
  • Added: Table columns statistics functions in column formula
  • Added: Pro: Histograms calculation
  • Added: Vertical bars drawing
  • Added: Pro: Quick Plot tool
  • Added: Fullscreen mode (F11)
  • Added: Opening multiple projects in one instance of app, importing with '-silent' key
  • Added: Remainder Operator % in parser (all formulas, calculator, etc.)
  • Added: Exporting multiple images and tables from project tree context menu, expand/collapse all menu item in Project context menu
  • Improved: 'Use alternative text output method for export/printing' checkbox in preferences
  • Improved: Fit Plot: Sum fit interval is updated when x data range is changed if interval was 'full' before changing
  • Improved: Plot data points under mouse cursor are denoted on mini-plots also (import dialog, histogram dialog, etc.)
  • Improved: Axes scale and titles can be applied from Figure template
  • Improved: Excel-like shortcuts Ctrl+Arrows for table navigation
  • Improved: Highlighting text labels and invisible components on mouse over
  • Fixed: Drawing of Fit Curves with breaks (when y = NaN or infinite)
  • Fixed: Exporting tables in text files: decimal separator from MagicPlot Preferences was used instead of system default decimal separator
  • Fixed: Create Tables from Curves: index x column was not exported
  • Fixed: Mac OS X: Selecting table columns with Cmd
  • Fixed: Incorrect rounding of values on axes with manual increment setting in some cases
  • Fixed: Incorrect line and parabola curves anchor points moving if some parameters are locked
  • Fixed: Creating a copy of a table with FFT evaluator which uses columns from not cloning table
  • Fixed: PDF export and copying without margins
  • Fixed: Illegal size of EMF images and copied vector images on Windows
  • Some little bugs fixed

MagicPlot 1.4.1, Minor update, Mar 04, 2011

Introducing MagicPlot 1.4

  • Added: Move Table(s) to another Folder
  • Fixed: Custom curve equation editing: error if new equation contains a syntax error and the number of found parameters is less than before this edit
  • Fixed: Error if plot contains only 1 point with big coordinates (~ >1e15), autoscale did not work in this case
  • Fixed: Inverse order of curves in Guess Peaks
  • Fixed: Ctrl+A shortcut did not select all axes on Figure
  • Fixed: 'Import Table here' on first Folder does not select this folder in Import dialog
  • Some little bugs fixed

MagicPlot 1.4, Major update, Feb 22, 2011

  • Added: Joint parameters can be proportional, not only equal
  • Added: Reading and renaming table column names when importing tables from text files
  • Added: Import tables from clipboard with import wizard
  • Added: Setting the scale of selected axes in inspector toolbar
  • Added: Creating a copy of Tables, Fit Plots and Figures
  • Added: Curve selection, editing cure style in inspector panel without dialog opening
  • Added: Cut, Copy and Paste curves between Fit Plots and Figures
  • Added: Tab/Shift+Tab and arrow keys select next/previous curve on plot or figure
  • Added: Changing Fit Curves order by dragging in curves table
  • Added: Adjusting parameters with mouse wheel (with Ctrl pressed)
  • Added: Help about inserting Greek letters and math symbols in shortcuts window
  • Added: 'Colorize Selected' item in color button menu when multiple curves are selected
  • Added: Parameters covariance matrix in Fit Report
  • Improved: Correct processing of missing values and repeated column delimiter in imported text file with table
  • Improved: Highlighting of suspicious curve (peak) if fit has not converged
  • Improved: Text redrawing on Figures and Fit Plots was optimized: much faster redrawing of big texts
  • Improved: New table is created in selected dataset in project tree if any
  • Improved: Adding Figure components in Figure properties dialog: project tree view improved, double click support
  • Improved: Using row number as X when adding table data to Figure, adding multiple data without closing dialog
  • Improved: Setting Y error column just in import wizard
  • Improved: Image zoom “smoothed”
  • Improved: Scale (linear/log10) type is now saved in Figure templates
  • Improved: Adding data to Figure from multiple Tables (in Figure properties dialog): Column selection dialog is showed once for all Tables
  • Improved: Continuous interval selection of legend labels (and curves) with Shift
  • Improved: Fit stops after tho consecutive iterations (not one) which changes Chi square smaller than the minimum deviation decrement
  • Improved: Coping and pasting tables: No more 'NaNs' in copied tables, empty rows are preserved when pasting
  • Improved: Message about ignoring weightings by incorrect Y error while fitting
  • Fixed: Table from Curves failed to add table to new folder, some tooltips were added
  • Fixed: Inverted scale: log scale labels, scrolling, splitting fit intervals
  • Fixed: Custom grid lines at 0 position
  • Fixed: Scale scrollbars bounds did not account for Fit Curves after opening of Fit Plot
  • Fixed: Multiple selected objects bringing to front and sending to back
  • Fixed: Ctrl+Ins, Shift+Ins, Shift+Del shortcuts did not work with drawn objects and in text label editing
  • Fixed: Marker types setting when adding multiple data to Figure
  • Fixed: Issue on deleting table with Fit Plot data which is used on Figure
  • Fixed: Incorrect numbers rounding when axes labels multiplier is not equal to 1
  • Fixed: Fitting with joined parameters when not all joint curves are summed
  • Fixed: Drawing error bars when showing fit residual
  • Fixed: Columns rearranging on Linux with Win (Meta) key pressed
  • Fixed: Critical issue with saving project files with " (quotes) in some Figure legends
  • Fixed: Legends format is some cases was not saved in project file
  • Fixed: Joining parameters of one curve
  • Fixed: Absence of error for formula a^-b in some cases. Now braces are always required: a^(-b)
  • Fixed: Measuring distance with scale zoom tool: current axes selection was ignored
  • Fixed: Undo of changing image size in some cases
  • Fixed: Filling under spline-connected data curves
  • Fixed: Critical issue: incorrect accounting for y errors from columns in fitting
  • Fixed: Deleting table with deleted columns with evaluators
  • Fixed: Undoing custom fit equation editing with illegal expression
  • Many other little improvements and fixes

MagicPlot 1.3.2, Bug fixing and minor update release, Dec 10, 2010

  • Added: Log10 scale
  • Added: 'Restore Auto Positioning' context menu item for manually positioned axes labels and legends
  • Added: Changing canvas size option: scale image or resize canvas only
  • Added: '% of Canvas Size' units in Dimensions toolbar
  • Improved: Positions of pasted drawings are more useful
  • Improved: Arrow keys move objects by 1 mm, and by 0.1 mm with Shift key pressed
  • Improved: Pasting drawing objects with preserving x and y coordinates of original objects (when canvas size is enough)
  • Improved: Drawed objects scaling when applying Figure template with changing Canvas size
  • Improved: Editable fields for line widths, etc.
  • Fixed: Error bars are not shown after project opening before updating error data
  • Fixed: Unclear error bars and drop lines rendering
  • Fixed: Mouse cursor coordinates are calculated incorrectly if canvas is zoomed
  • Fixed: Opening image export dialog error if 'Desktop' API is not supported by JVM (e.g. on Kububtu)
  • Fixed: Error on setting zero scale interval
  • Multiple little improvements
  • Added: Residual button on Fit Plot which shows fit residual while pressed
  • Added: Additional types of data markers and arrows
  • Added: Connecting data points with Bezier spline
  • Added: Distance measurement with zoom rectangle
  • Fixed: Error on saving projects with 'computed' NaN values ('invalid entry crc-32' error message)
  • Fixed: The old project file will not be rewritten if project saving fails on disk error or internal bug
  • Fixed: Smoothing in Guess Peaks dialog does not work
  • Fixed: Memory leakage on project closing in some cases
  • Fixed: Fuzzy rendering of arrows and markers on screen
  • Fixed: Index column values if used on plots and figures begin now from 1, not from 0
  • Fixed: Added clipping for line-connected curves (more efficient redrawing, vector files size was reduced)
  • Fixed: Applying Figure templates: axes titles text format was mistakenly applied
  • Fixed: Slow dragging of multiple objects
  • Multiple little improvements and fixes

MagicPlot 1.3, Major update, Oct 25, 2010

New Major features

Other new features and improvements

  • Added: Processing-Transform X/Y data menu items (set column formula) for Fit Plot
  • Added: Auto fit column by clicking on right table header separator
  • Added: 'Select all' by click in upper left table corner
  • Added: 'Remove' item in Curve context menu on Figure and Fit Plot, Delete and Backspace keys work for Fit Curves
  • Added: 'Delete Cell in Column' menu item
  • Improved: Column evaluators are indicated by blue column header and appropriate tool tip
  • Improved: Setting +/- factor in FFT
  • Improved: Style on Unix-like systems: no bold fonts
  • Improved: History dialog shows saved state with bold font
  • Improved: Selecting fit curves by mouse improved
  • Improved: Y-scale buttons preserve y=0 position if it is visible
  • Improved: Now you can enter expression in every numeric field
  • Improved: 'Show' checkbox is automatically set when 'sum' is selected
  • Improved: MagicPlot Calculator 1.1 integrated
  • Improved: MagicPlot can be minimized to task bar while Calculator window is still on top
  • Changed: Calculator tool is now available in Student edition also (not only in Pro)
  • Fixed: Saving files with dot in name issue (name was truncated after dot)
  • Fixed: Some table editing user interface issues
  • Fixed: Experience on Mac OS X: MagicPlot application menu, opening projects from Finder, 'modified' symbol on window close button
  • Fixed: Entering special chars on Mac using Option key now works
  • Fixed: Legend text alignment was not saved
  • Fixed: High-resolution icon in Windows version added
  • Fixed: Set column formula: issue with setting row numbers outside the actual table size
  • Many minor improvements and fixes

MagicPlot 1.2.2, Bug fixing release, Sept 22, 2010

  • Fixed: Table editing user interface issues, on Mac OS X especially
  • Fixed: 'if' operator in calculator
  • Fixed: Some other little bugs

MagicPlot 1.2.1, Minor update and bug fixing release, Sept 18, 2010

New Major features

  • Added: Calculator tool with syntax highlighting added
  • Added: Inserting Greek letters and math symbols with keyboard shortcuts
  • Added: Table column widths will never reset and are now saved in Project file
  • Added: Saving and loading preferences in current working directory for portable usage (ex. on USB drive)

Other new features and improvements

  • Added: Delete item in fit curve context menu on fit plot
  • Improved: Files sorting on import
  • Improved: Fit Plot naming
  • Changed: Linux GTK+ look-and-feel will not more be used because of many bugs in it (icons in table error, no separators in menu, error on opening windows with some GTK styles, etc.)
  • Changed: Improved inserting table columns and rows (now user can specifying number and before/after)
  • Changed: Folders state (extended/collapsed) is saved in Project file
  • Fixed: Fit Plot Data and Fit Sum show/hide state is stored in Project file
  • Fixed: Import text files with dot (.) in name: the end of the name after last dot will not be trancated if it is not standard extension
  • Fixed: 'Cannot create virtual machine' error on start in some circumstances (heap size problem)
  • Some little bugs were fixed and some improvements were made

MagicPlot 1.2, Major update, 18.06.2010

  • Added: Setting column formula
  • Added: Integration, differentiation, FFT
  • Added: Multiple axes on Figures
  • Added: Text label, line, arrow, rectangle, ellipse drawing
  • Many other features added
  • Many bugs fixed

MagicPlot 1.03, Major update, 26.06.2009

  • Major update of plots/figures rendering, changeable axes and curves style

MagicPlot 1.02, Bug fixing release, 10.12.2008

MagicPlot 1.01, Minor update, 08.12.2008

MagicPlot 1.0, First public release, 18.11.2008

  • Development started in March 2007.
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