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Introducing MagicPlot 2.9.1-3

Released November 01, 2019. This is a bug-fixing minor update with some enhancements.

More Plot Types in Menu

We have added more already available plot types into the Create Figure menu:

Improved Histogram Legend


  • 0000469: [Plots] When applying log scale, fix range from 'best view' if range ⇐ 0
  • 0000154: [Table] Column formula: 'j' variable for column number
  • 0000076: [Plots] Add more available plot types into create plot menu


  • 0000466: [Other] Projects are merged if opened simultaneously
  • 0000468: [Other] MacOS: Progress bar must not show text over the bar
  • 0000465: [Plots] Progress dialog border is truncated on the right on Mac OS
  • 0000447: [Other] The dollar sign ($) is not saved correctly in column formula in project file
  • 0000462: [Plots] Major tick and label may disappear on the boundary of the range
  • 0000349: [Other] Add copy-paste context menu to fit parameters table
  • 0000364: [Other] 'Add to current axes' figures list must be sorted like opened windows
  • 0000335: [Drawing] Selection remain on all elements after Undo “Ungroupping”.
  • 0000431: [Plots] Copy Fit Curve from Figure to Figure in another Project: style is taken from the source Curve on Fit Plot instead of Figure
  • 0000453: [Other] Project entities are not pasted if some folder is not selected in Project Tree
  • 0000452: [Plots] Histogram legend must be drawn with squares instead of lines
  • 0000293: [Plots] Curve fill is not shown in legend
  • 0000454: [Other] Edited fit curve interval remains visible after curve deletion
  • 0000445: [Plots] Program hangs if colormap legend range is log-scale and starts from 0
  • 0000451: [Plots] Program hangs with zero scale range (min=max) and when scrolling with inverted scale (max<min)
  • 0000440: [Plots] Color Maps: X index from a separate column is truncated with the matrix rows count
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