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Introducing MagicPlot 2.0

MagicPlot 2.0 adds new Batch Processing feature, text columns and many minor improvements.

See Also

☞ Revolutionary Batch Processing without Scripting and Creating Macro

MagicPlot Batch Processing allows to automatically process multiple similar data in the same way without programming (scripting) and macro recording.

See short 1.5 min video about Batch Processing:

☞ Multi-core Optimization of Nonlinear Fitting

This version of MagicPlot can use all advantage of your multi-core processor. This feature is extremely notable in fitting series.

Nonlinear fitting is up to N times faster, here N is the number of cores/processors.

☞ Text Columns in MagicPlot Tables

Text values are now supported in Tables. You will never confuse numbers and text looking as numbers because text columns have different background color.

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