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Introducing MagicPlot 2.2, 2.3

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Improvements in EPS, PDF, EMF Export (Pro only)

  • EPS, PDF: Font embedding fixed, including non-latin characters
  • EPS, PDF: Writing correct Postscrript font names for standard fonts fixed
  • PDF: Transparency support fixed
  • EPS: Transparency support added (pdfmark tags)
  • EMF: Object misplacement fixed
  • Unneccesery items removed from file format opitons dialog

SVG Image Export Format Added (Pro only)

Here is an example (fonts are not embedded) ExportTest.svg:

Table Inspector

This new feature allows you to edit column formulas without opening Formula Dialog:

Table inspector

Inserting Images on Figures and Fit Plots (Pro only)

MagicPlot 2.2 can insert raster images. Resizing, crop and opacity is supported:

Image crop

Other Major Improvements

  • Added: Automatic formulas correction when used columns indexes are changed
  • Improved: Stardard fonts replacement when opening project on other OS (Times, Helvetica, Courier)
  • Improved: Automatic installing for all users (no need to re-enter key for each user account)

Minor Improvements

  • Fixed: Image export on OpenJDK failed
  • Fixed: Importing multiple files when 'opening with' in Explorer/Finder: Only one Import dialog opens for all files
  • Fixed: Limit of length of names of project entries introduced
  • Fixed: Delta X field in 'Create Table from Curves' worked incorrectly
  • Fixed: Table did not get focus by click on header
  • Fixed: Fit Interval in batch processing was mistakenly updated if it was full interval in template Fit Plot
  • Fixed: Double slant of italic fonts on Mac OS X
  • Added: '$' variable which means current column number, i.e. col($) = col($-1)
  • Improved: Checking loaded project version and ask for program update
  • Improved: Drawed objects can be moved to the back of the axes
  • Other fixes
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