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Introducing MagicPlot 1.4

In MagicPlot 1.4 we have considerably improved the usability of the application and fixed many old issues. The full release notes are available here.

You can get the latest version in downloads section.

☞ More Powerful Import Dialog

We have slightly improved table import dialog:

  • Character encoding setting
  • Reading column names from file
  • Renaming columns for all tables just in import dialog
  • Setting Y error column just in import dialog
  • Importing text tables from clipboard

☞ Improved 'Add to Figure' Dialog

This dialog is used to add Table data to a Figure. In new version you will be able to:

  • Specify index column (row number) as X
  • Add multiple Y column for one X column
  • Click 'Add More' button instead of 'Add to Figure' and select other X column

☞ Specifying Exact Axes Scale in Main Window

Now you can set exact scale values in Inspector panel without opening properties window. Just select the axes! You can also set equal scale to multiple selected axes and toggle grid and legend.

☞ Selecting Curves, Setting Style and Clipboard

Curves are now selectable. Selected curves are denoted with light green shadow. With selecting curves you can:

  • Edit style of multiple selected curves using inspector toolbar without opening style dialog
  • Cut, copy, paste or remove selected curves via context menu and keyboard shortcuts
  • Colorize selected curves with standard colors
  • Select next/previous curve using arrow keys or Tab/Shift+Tab keys

☞ Parameters Correlation Matrix Output in 'Fit Report'

This feature allows you to check your model validity

☞ Joining Fit Parameters with Linear Dependency

Now you can specify that two or more parameters of different fit curves are equal or proportional (not only equal)

☞ Creating Copies of Tables, Fit Plots, Figures and Folders

With MagicPlot 1.4 you will be able to create a copy of selected objects. Create a copy of a Figure and than modify it!

Investigate with pleasure!

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