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June 2012. Magicplot Systems released MagicPlot version 2.3 – cross-platform scientific graphing and nonlinear fitting application. In the new version export into vector image formats is improved; new features include embedding images into plots and setting column formulas in the toolbar.

MagicPlot is able to produce publication-quality plots. It includes various extremely useful tools for navigation on plot (mouse zoom, pan, data reading). Nonlinear curve fitting tool (named Fit Plot) provides wide capabilities for peak fitting and custom equation fitting. Built-in functions can be edited on plot, data intervals can also be set visually.

Improvements in EPS, PDF, EMF formats export in Pro edition include font embedding and transparency support. Support of SVG format was added. With improved EMF saving users are able to copy vector images into other applications through clipboard. New table inspector toolbar mode saves time when entering column formulas for calculations – no need to open special dialog window. Formulas which use column links in calculations are automatically updated when used column indices change. The other new feature is inserting of images in plots. MagicPlot provides resizing, cropping, horizontal and vertical flipping and transparency setting.

MagicPlot comes in two editions: Student and Pro. MagicPlot Student is a limited-features application, and free for personal and educational use. MagicPlot Pro is a full-featured paid version, available for $149. You can download a free 30-days trial version from

MagicPlot is developed by Magicplot Systems, LLC based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Contacts:,

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