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Importing Table from Text File (ASCII)

Use Project → Import Text Table menu item to import table(s) from text file(s), also referred to as ASCII file(s).

You may select multiple files in opened standard file dialog by holding Ctrl or Shift.

  • If you open multiple files, you can select the file to preview in files drop-down list (in Text Input Preview frame)
  • If you select incorrect file(s) by mistake, click on Open icon to open file dialog once again and select other file(s).
  • You can set Create Figure or Create Fit Plot checkbox to create Figure of Fit Plot after importing:
    • If you select Figure, the created Figure will contain all imported data from all files
    • If you select Fit Plot, one Fit Plot will be created for each imported file
  • You can enlarge a part of the preview plot by selecting an area by mouse (scale box zoom tool). Use context menu of the plot to change scale zoom to default.
  • F5 key reloads the text file or reloads the data from clipboard.

Import wizard dialog

Command Line Arguments and 'Silent' Import

MagicPlot opens files which come as the command line arguments on launch. MagicPlot Project files (.mppz) are detected as projects, the all other files are treated as the text files and the Import dialog is opened. The text files will be imported in the current opened project.

The -silent key in command line forces MagicPlot to import text files without opening import dialog. The previously used import setting are used in such case. If Fit Plot or Figure creation was selected in Import dialog last time, the new plots will be created.
Example for Windows OS: MagicPlotPro.exe mydata.txt -silent

Please make sure that your firewall software does not block MagicPlot loopback ( request.

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