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MagicPlot and Big Data Sets

MagicPlot is optimized for data sets up to about 100 MBytes but it can even handle larger data sets. You need to pay attention to memory consumption and available physical memory in such case.

MagicPlot is based on Java technology and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) needs to specify the maximum available memory (heap size limit) on the start. The heap size limit must not be greater than the amount of physical memory currently available. MagicPlot executables for Windows tries to determine the maximum heap limit but in some cases it does not work properly and too small limit may be set. You can change this setting by running MagicPlot jar-file from command line.

Running MagicPlot from Command Line

This command runs MagicPlot with the limit of 1024 MB:

java -jar MagicPlot.jar -Xmx1024m

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