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Lightweight app for data analysis, plotting and nonlinear fitting

Nonlinear Curve Fitting

Enter equation, edit data range visually
and perform a fit. MagicPlot was verified with
NIST datasets for testing fitting algorithms.

Smart Text Data Import

Use ‘Import Text Table’ menu item to open your
data saved in text files. Column delimiters
and decimal separators are auto recognized.

Multipeak Fitting

Enjoy peak-by-peak fit model creation and
moving peaks and baseline with mouse.
Subtract some peaks to see the residual.

Fully Customizable Plots

You can freely change curve style and axes style
using inspector toolbar. Journal-quality plots can
be saved in vector formats: EPS, PDF, SVG, EMF.

Essential Math Analysis

Smoothing, FFT, integration, differentiation,
histograms, convolution, correlation algorithms
are included in ‘Processing’ menu.

Easy Data Exploration

Explore hidden details of your plot with navigation
tools: Mouse wheel with Shift/Ctrl changes scale
and scrolls. Hand tool is also available.

Batch Processing

The simplest way to process and fit multiple
data in the same way without scripting. Fitting
of series results in parameters summary table.

Style Templates

Format one figure and save a template.
This template can be used to format all your
figures including even axes titles and scale.

Multilevel Undo and Redo

Experiment with parameters of data processing,
plot styles and nonlinear fitting knowing that
you can undo everything and view history.

For Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

Run MagicPlot on any operating system which
is used by members of your workgroup. Freely
exchange projects between various OS's.

So what can be done with MagicPlot?

Figure from: R. V. Cherbunin et al., Phys. Rev. B 84, 041304(R) (2011)
© 2011 American Physical Society. Published with permission.

MagicPlot is all you need from everyday plotting software
but faster and smarter

“Then there is the appeal of a very clean, straightforward, easy to learn graphical interface, with little to confuse. The program itself is quick, responsive and light on its feet. <...> MagicPlot is well equipped for agile exploration, with ideas executed as quickly as conceived. <...> Tools are well implemented and refreshingly straightforward.”

From MagicPlot review by Felix Grant
in Scientific Computing World

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