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Introducing MagicPlot 2.8

Nested Folders and Reordering in Project Tree

Nested Folders

In MagicPlot 2.8 you can create nested folders and freely place Tables, Figures and Fit Plots in it for better organisation of your Project.

Project Tree

Figures in Folders

In previous releases of MagicPlot, all Figures were located in Project root which is not useful. In MagicPlot 2.8 you can place Figures in any Folder.

Reordering in Project Tree

You can now reorder items in Project Tree with drag and drop. The 'Move to Folder' context menu item is also available in Project Tree.

Compatibility with older versions

The project file with nested folders may be opened in previous release, MagicPlot 2.7.2 or earlier, however we don't recommend to do that. Nested folders will be merged in previous versions of application.

Copy-Paste Support in Project Tree

In MagicPlot 2.8 any objects in Project tree can be copied, cut and pasted. Drag and drop is also supported. In previous versions the copy and paste functionality was available only on Figures and Fit Plots, moreover only items of one type (curves or drawn objects) were copied at once. MagicPlot 2.8 does not have such restriction.

Copy Axes Box with Curves

Now you can copy and paste the whole Axes Box with included Curves from one Figure to another.

Copy-Paste between Projects

In MagicPlot 2.8 you can copy and paste objects (Tables, Figures, Fit Plots, Folders, Curves, Axes Boxes, etc.) between different opened projects. When you copy and paste plots or curves, the Table(s) with plotted data will also be copied. Confirmation dialog window will be shown in such case:

Confirmation dialog

Project Autosaving for Recovery

MagicPlot 2.8 automatically saves a copy of opened project to a temporary file every 15 minutes (the interval can be changed in Preferences). The autosaved file may be used for recovery after a failure: electric power problem, operating system failure. If the recovery file exists MagicPlot will show a prompt to load the autosaved version when opening the Project.

Project recovery prompt

Grouping of Drawn Objects

Drawn objects can be grouped from context menu:


Changing Table in Curve Data Dialog

In previous releases only columns may be changed in Curve data tab of Curve Properties dialog. In MagicPlot 2.8 you can select another table. Moreover X, Y and error values may be located in different Tables.

Curve data tab

Multi-column Plot Legend

MagicPlot 2.8 is capable to draw multi-column plot legend. The number of columns is set in Figure or Fit Plot Properties dialog, Axes General tab. The 'Even' checkbox makes the row widths equal also in case the legend texts have different visual lengths.

Multi-column Plot Legend

Legend columns field

Other Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved: 0000017: [Drawing] Creating empty Figure without axes boxes or deleting the rest axes box
  • Improved: 0000244: [Plots] Optimize colormap drawing
  • Improved: 0000225: [Other] Add symbol <Planck constant with bar> to the math symbol table
  • Improved: 0000282: [Other] Leave project file opened for cloud services work
  • Improved: 0000193: [Plots] Add warning about doubled values in x/y column of color map plot
  • Improved: 0000284: [Plots] Rename (clarify) properties context menu items
  • Improved: 0000023: [Drawing] Improved drawing objects sticking algorithm: all other objects are checked
  • Improved: 0000298: [Fitting] Add more max iterations in drop-down menu in Preferences
  • Fixed: 0000223: [Plots] Adding of fitted data as Fit Sum to the main graph produces Thickness-2 roughly dashed line
  • Fixed: 0000222: [Plots] When Fill “To X Axis” is applied to data shifted by waterfall result is not correct
  • Fixed: 0000232: [Plots] Waterfall shift values are mistakenly copied when creating Fit Plot from Figure with waterfall
  • Fixed: 0000202: [Other] Table and tree rows height is broken for HiDPI on Windows
  • Fixed: 0000295: [Import] UTF BOM chars are not ignored on the beginning of the imported file
  • Fixed: 0000299: [Import] NaN text is not recognized as a number in import and the column becomes text column
  • Fixed: 0000294: [Import] Disable empty lines skipping on import and pasting
  • Fixed: 0000296: [Plots] ColorMap is not replotted when x/y column data is changed
  • Fixed: 0000304: [Plots] Incorrect warning “Y column has missing points at the beginning” in Color Map Properties dialog
  • Fixed: 0000281: [Plots] ColorMap legend (colorbar) is not scaled with all image when changing canvas size
  • Fixed: 0000219: [Other] Adding a new table puts it randomly, either in selected folder or in a new folder
  • Fixed: 0000050: [Other] Print/Export Images in Project context menu and Ctrl+E, Ctrl+P must print all selected, not the one
  • Fixed: 0000289: [General] Out of memory error when dropping big project file on Figure canvas (tries to treat it as image first)

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