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Plotvisor Release Notes

Plotvisor 2.0, 14.10.2015

  • Added: Multiple selected files are shown on one plot
  • Added: Automatic reloading of changed files
  • Added: Log scale
  • Added: Text file header support: skip it and get column names
  • Added: File filter by extension
  • Improved: Much faster application start
  • Improved: Instant entering to fullscreen mode (it was very slow)
  • Improved: Preserving scale zoom when reloading file
  • Fixed: Error in parsing column types pattern
  • Multiple minor bugs fixed
  • Java 7+ is required
  • The program was renamed to avoid misunderstood (the name 'MagicPlot Viewer' was always interpreted as a free app for viewing MagicPlot Projects). New site was introduced:

MagicPlot Viewer 1.0.1 (old name), 25.10.2012

  • Fixed: Viewer hangs when selecting large binary file if 'Text' tab is opened
  • Fixed: Unnecessary reloading when drag-n-drop in file list does not copy anything
  • Added: 'Refresh' button in preview panel

MagicPlot Viewer 1.0 (old name), 08.10.2012

  • First release.
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