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Additional Color Map Palettes

MagicPlot application include 10 most usable palette presets for color map plots. More presets can be found on this page.

CET Perceptually Uniform Colour Maps

Download 50 MagicPlot .mppc presets in zip archive:

CET Presets in MagicPlot

This is a collection of color map palettes that have been designed to have uniform perceptual contrast over their whole range. More information can be found on author's site: and paper: arXiv:1509.03700 [cs.GR] 2015.

These colour maps are released under the Creative Commons BY License, a summary of the conditions can be found here.

Adding Palette Presets to MagicPlot

  1. Open the properties dialog of a Color Map Plot you have created. Press the 'Customize…' button in the 'Style' tab, the Palette Editor will appear.
  2. Click on 'Menu' button and select 'Browse Presets Folder', a folder will be opened.
  3. Copy the contents of the zip-archive (50 .mppc files) to the opened folder.
  4. Use the 'Reload Presets List' menu item or restart MagicPlot to update the presets list in the application.

Palette Editor

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