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Drawing on Figures and Fit Plots, Image Zoom and Objects Selection

You can draw the following kinds of objects on Figures and Fit Plots:

  • Text labels with formatting support
  • Lines
  • Arrows
  • Rectangles
  • Ellipses
  • Inserting images

Drawing buttons on the toolbar

Select an appropriate instrument in the toolbar to draw an object.

The properties of selected objects can be changed in the inspector toolbar (the second row of toolbar).

Image Zooming

If you need to precisely draw some small objects you can zoom in the image using slider in right bottom (Pro only).

There are several alternative ways to change the image zoom:

  • Scroll the mouse wheel at the image zoom slider
  • Ctrl+scroll (Cmd+scroll on Mac) mouse wheel at blank part of plot (outside all axes boxes)
  • The button 1x and Alt+click (Option+click on Mac) on plot fits the image to the window.

Image zoom slider and buttons

Do not Confuse Scale Scrolling and Image Zoom

  • Scale scrolling affects the x/y scale minimum and maximum values. Use scale scrolling for data navigation
  • Image zoom enlarges the entire image. Use image zoom for accurate drawing of small objects.

Objects selection

Every object can be selected by clicking on its border or inside it. Hold Ctrl key (Windows, Linux) or Shift key (Mac OS) and click another object to add it to current selection.

Moving an Object Forward or Backward

When objects overlap, you can change the order of objects drawing. Use Bring to Front and Send to Back items in object context menu (right click on object to open menu).

Ellipse context menu

Changing Curves Order on Figure

You can change the order of drawing the curves on Figure. The curves order can be set in Figure Properties window, Axes Properties tab → Components tab. Select desired curves in list, then hold Alt and press up/down arrow keys. You may also use Move Up and Move Down items in Waterfall button menu.

Snapping to Other Objects

When you drag an object or change its size, MagicPlot will try to snap the bounds of this object to other objects. While snapping MagicPlot shows you a red ruler and an object to which the bounds are snapping. If you do not want to align your objects this way, hold Ctrl key to disable snapping.

Snapping to other objects

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