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Reading Plot Data, Measuring Distances, Curves Selection

MagicPlot shows mouse cursor data coordinates in status line. If you have several axes on one Figure, cursor coordinates relative to selected axes are shown.

Crosshair Cursor

MagicPlot can draw crosshair cursor. To turn it on use View → Crosshair Cursor menu item.

Crosshair cursor and its coordinates

Reading Plot Data

MagicPlot denotes the data point under the mouse cursor with square brackets. The accurate table value in this point along with table name, row and column numbers is shown in status line in the bottom of main window in the following format:

Folder | Table [x column; y column][row] = (x value; y value)

Reading plot data

Curve Context Menu

Curve context menu on Figure

Use context menu of the Curve to open table with data or to open properties dialog.

Measuring Data Distances with Scale Zoom Tool

You can use Scale Zoom tool to measure the distances on plots. MagicPlot shows the distance in status line when you select zoom box by mouse dragging. You can press Esc or reduce box size to zero before releasing mouse button to prevent zooming if you want only to see the distance. If multiple axes are located under cursor MagicPlot will show the distance in terms of current axes (showed with blue corners).

Distance measurement

Selecting Curves in Turn Using Keyboard

Curves on Figures and Fit Plots can be selected with mouse click. You can also select Curves in turn using Arrow keys or Tab/Shift+Tab keys:

  • or or Tab selects the next Curve
  • or or Shift+Tab selects the previous Curve.

If no Curves are selected the first pressing on these keys will select the first Curve. If the Figure contains multiple Axes, the Curves in all Axes are accessible in turn by this method.

Curve 1 is selected Curve 2 is selected

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