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-====== Advanced Typography Features ====== 
-MagicPlot provides accurate typography in text labels and axes labels. You may toggle some features in 'Typography' tab of MagicPlot Preferences. 
-{{:prefs-typogr.png|Typography tab in MagicPlot Preferences}} 
-===== Ligatures Support ===== 
-MagicPlot supports Latin [[wp>Typographic_ligature|ligatures]] in text labels. If you type 'fi', 'fl', etc., those symbols will be shown with ligature glyphs when you exit edit mode. 
-|  {{:ligatures1.png|}}  | Edit mode  | 
-|  {{:ligatures2.png|}}  | Result  | 
-MagicPlot supports the following ligatures: 
-  * ''fi'', ''fl'' 
-  * ''ff'', ''ffi'', ''ffl'' 
-Ligature glyphs are included only in some fonts. MagicPlot will display ligatures only if these glyphs are included in used font. 
-You can turn the ligatures off in MagicPlot preferences. 
-===== Special Characters ===== 
-MagicPlot can automatically convert these character sequences to special symbols: 
-  * ''<nowiki>--</nowiki>'' -> [[wp>en_dash|en dash]] (--) 
-  * ''<nowiki>---</nowiki>'' -> [[wp>em_dash|em dash]] (---) 
-  * ''<nowiki>...</nowiki>'' -> [[wp>ellipsis]] (...) 
-You can turn this option off in MagicPlot Preferences. 
-===== Mathematical Symbols in Axes Labels ===== 
-The numbers in [[wp>Scientific_notation|scientific notation]] need two special characters if you want the typography to be accurate: minus sign and multiplication sign. Many graphing software applications which use simplified typography use letter 'x' and [[wp>Hyphen-minus|hyphen-minus]] (-) in numbers instead of typographically correct special characters. This simplified typography was mainly used in old applications which do not support [[wp>Unicode]]. 
-MagicPlot can use either correct symbols (default) or simplified. You can change this option in MagicPlot Properties.  
-The multiplication sign is different in various languages. In most cases you have to use either '·' or '×' sign. You also can specify any special character or character sequence, for example enter spaces before and after multiplication signs. 
-|  {{:mult-chars-num.png|}}  | [[wp>Multiplication_sign|Multiplication sign]] (U+00D7) \\ Correct [[wp>Plus_and_minus_signs|minus sign]] (U+2212)  | 
-|  {{:dot-chars-num.png|}}  | [[wp>Middle_dot|Middle dot]] (U+00B7) \\ Correct minus sign (U+2212)  
-|  {{:simple-chars-num.png|}}  | Simplified typography: \\ Latin letter 'x' (U+0078) \\ [[wp>Hyphen-minus|hyphen-minus]] (U+002D) instead of minus  | 
-//'U+XXXX' refers to Unicode code point.// 
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