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-===== How to create transparent figures? ===== +====== Creating Transparent Figures and Fit Plots ====== 
-Open Figure or Fit Plot Properties dialog window and uncheck 'Fill Canvasbox in 'Canvas' tab. + 
 +To create an image with transparent background open ''Figure Properties'' or ''Fit Plot Properties'' dialog window and set ''Transparent Background'' radio button in ''Canvas'' tab. 
 +The background of transparent Figures and Fit Plots is shown with a grey-and-white chequerboard. If you are preparing a picture for a dark background you can change the colour of chequerboard to dark grey by selecting ''View -> Transparency Checkerboard'' in main menu. 
 +In case of transparent background you can set the preview background colour in ''[[image_preview|Image Preview]]'' window. 
 +{{:transparent.png?nolink|Transparent figure example}} 
 +===== See Also ===== 
 +  * [[colors]]
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