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Using Figure Templates

Figure Templates is the powerful tool for reuse axes layout of previously created Figures. To use Figure Templates open Figure Properties window and select Templates tab.

Templates are stored in special folder in your operating system account profile and does not depend on project files. Project files does not contain templates.

Figure Templates Tab

Saving Template from Figure

To create a template from Figure open the Figure Properties window, select Templates tab and press 'Save Template' button. Then enter the new template name in opened dialog window.

When saving a template MagicPlot saves:

  • Canvas size and fill color
  • Number of Axes, positions and sizes of axes
  • Axes styles
  • Curve styles

Applying Template to Figure

To apply template to figure open the Figure Properties window and select Templates tab. Select desired template in the saved templates list. Then check or uncheck boxes with features to apply and click on 'Apply Template' button.

When you apply a template to Figure the properties are copied from template to Figure. Note that the Figure style will not be changed if you change the template after you have applied it to Figure. The project file is standalone and you do not need the template to open project.

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