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In MagicPlot Table is used to store numeric data. All tables use floating-point numbers in IEEE 754 double precision format.

Empty cells are equivalent to Not-a-Number values.

Table Context Menu

Many table editing functions are available in table context menu.

Columns Numbers

Columns are enumerated by Latin letters and numbers after last letter: A, B, C, … Y, Z, 27, 28, 29, ….

Moving Columns

Hold Ctrl key (on Windows and Linux only) or Alt key (on Mac OS X) and drag column header to rearrange table columns. If Ctrl / Alt keys are not pressed, mouse dragging on header will select the columns.

Editing Table

You can edit table cell by double click on it. You can either enter a number or an expression (e.g. writing pi in cell equals to 3.1416…, writing 1+2 equals to 3).

See Formula section for expression syntax.

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