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-====== Shifting Curves on Figure and Creating 2D Waterfall ====== 
-MagicPlot allows you to set individual x and y shifts for every Curve on Figure. This feature may be used to compare several similar Curves on one Figure. 
-{{:​waterfall2d.png?​nolink|2D Waterfall Figure}} 
-Specified Curve shifts do not affect your data and are used only for drawing current Figure. 
-Curve shifts can be set in ''​X Shift''​ and ''​Y Shift''​ columns in Axes Components table (scroll table right if these columns are not visible). ''​Waterfall''​ menu contains items for making and resetting 2D waterfall and reversing curves order. 
-  * ''​Reset Shifts''​ sets all x and y shifts to zero 
-  * ''​Make Waterfall''​ automatically calculates shifts and arranges Curves 
-''​Make Waterfall''​ menu item opens waterfall window in which you can specify shift increment. MagicPlot tries to guess handsome shift values on the basis of number of curves and current scale. 
-{{:​waterfall-dialog.png?​nolink|Waterfall window}} 
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