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Scale Scrolling for Data Navigation

MagicPlot provides useful data navigation in different ways:

  • Mouse wheel rotation inside the current Axes box scrolls x/y or changes x/y scale. Ctrl and Shift keys toggle the mode
  • Scale box zoom instrument
  • Hand instrument (only if the canvas zoom is 1x, otherwise canvas will be scrolled)
  • The scrollbars (only if the canvas zoom is 1x, otherwise canvas will be scrolled)
  • Scale buttons on the instruments panel

Scale buttons

Do not Confuse Scale Scrolling and Canvas Zoom

  • Scale scrolling affects the x/y scale minimum and maximum values. Use scale scrolling for data navigation.
  • Canvas zoom increases the entire image as a whole (Pro edition only). Use canvas zoom for accurate drawing of little objects.

Current Axes

If your Figure contains more than one Axes box, MagicPlot indicates which Axes are currently selected with circle sectors on the corners of Axes box. The current Axes selection affects the action of scale buttons and Add to Selected Axes item in Table context menu. It also helps you to distinguish the Axes if you change style in the Figure Properties dialog window.

Axes selection buttons

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