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Introducing MagicPlot 2.9

Starting with this release MagicPlot application executable is digitally signed by developer. Note that in Mac OS build of MagicPlot the company name is displayed as 'MEDZHIKPLOT SISTEMS, OOO' instead of 'Magicplot Systems, LLC' due to transliteration issues.

MagicPlot nor more uses 'public' Java Runtime installed in the Windows and Mac OS X operating system. Java Runtime Environment (v. 12 or later) is now bundled with the executable.


  • 0000383: [Plots] Implement Mac OS Retina and Windows HiRes mode for plots rendering
  • 0000377: [Drawing] Increase line sticking to vertical/horizontal
  • 0000352: [Plots] Ignore ⇐ 0 values in log scale auto scale zoom (best view)
  • 0000197: [Plots] Best scale zoom does not take error bars into account
  • 0000406: [Plots] Drawings disappear after grouping
  • 0000381: [Other] Project tree keyboard shortcuts: Enter to open selected


  • 0000361: [Plots] Printed figure is corrupted: scale error
  • 0000375: [Other] Inactive project window annoyingly blinks when autosaving
  • 0000362: [Drawing] Negative-width lines/arrows are not drawn on screen depending on scale
  • 0000365: [Plots] Manual increment for major ticks does not work if Multiplier is set
  • 0000401: [Drawing] Changing drawing line ending causes double history command
  • 0000379: [Plots] Fix scientific notation format in colormap legend
  • 0000393: [Other] Curve style dialog opens outside of screen
  • 0000396: [Other] Fit Plot from just imported table is incorrectly named “B-Baseline”
  • 0000369: [Other] Different operation when drag and dropping files on tree and on desktop pane
  • 0000146: [Drawing] If rectangle rotated 90 degrees, scaling works awkwardly
  • 0000403: [Plots] Fit curve legend (style image) disappears when applying figure template with markers only.
  • 0000360: [Other] License info is not saved and no error message appears
  • 0000428: [Fitting] Individual fit interval was not set from data range for guessed curves
  • 0000424: [Plots] Y ticks and labels on the bottom disappear is axes box is dragged up and the top border is outside the screen
  • 0000330: [Drawing] Group/ungroup operation is too slow if group contains many items
  • 0000421: [Plots] Right alignement and repositioning of numeric labels of colormap palette does not work
  • 0000420: [Plots] Left/right axis labels left/right alignment (the opposite to the default one) is broken in export and is not saved in project
  • 0000402: [Other] Cannot put fit curve to the end of fit curves list in some circumstances
  • 0000419: [Other] Cannot Cut curves from Fit Plot in Curves table (but cutting from plot area works)
  • 0000418: [Table] Descriptive Statistics toolbar and Quick View toolbar are not updated after adding/deleting a column in a table
  • 0000391: [Other] Export Curves as Table dialog: setting the rows count does not work in some cases
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