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MagicPlot Release Notes

MagicPlot 2.2, Major update

Improvements in Vector Image Export

  • EPS, PDF: Font embedding fixed, including non-Latin characters
  • EPS, PDF: Writing correct Postscript font names for 14 standard fonts
  • PDF: Transparency support fixed
  • EPS: Transparency support added (with pdfmark tags)
  • SVG: New export format added
  • EMF: Objects misplacement fixed
  • Unnecessary items removed from file format options dialogs

Other Major Improvements

  • Added: Inserting raster images on Figures and Fit Plots
  • Added: Setting column formulas from inspector toolbar
  • Added: Automatic formulas correction when used columns positions are changed
  • Improved: Standard fonts are replaced with analogs if not present when opening project on other OS (Times, Helvetica, Courier)
  • Improved: Automatic installing for all users (no need to re-enter key for each user account)

Minor Improvements

  • Fixed: Image export on OpenJDK failed
  • Fixed: Importing multiple files when 'opening with' in Explorer/Finder: Only one Import dialog opens for all files
  • Fixed: Limit of length of names of project entries introduced
  • Fixed: Delta X field in 'Create Table from Curves' worked incorrectly
  • Fixed: Table did not get focus by click on header
  • Fixed: Fit Interval in batch processing was mistakenly updated if it was full interval in template Fit Plot
  • Fixed: Double slant of italic fonts on Mac OS X
  • Improved: Drawn objects can be moved to the back of the axes
  • Improved: Checking loaded project version and ask for program update
  • Added: '$' variable which means current column number, i.e. col($) = col($-1)
  • Added: Opening projects and file import by dragging files into MagicPlot window
  • Other fixes

MagicPlot 2.0.1, Minor update, Dec 1, 2011

  • Some bugs fixed

MagicPlot 2.0, Major update, Nov 8, 2011

Introducing MagicPlot 2.0

  • Added: Batch Processing and Fitting Series tool (Pro edition only)
  • Added: Text columns in tables
  • Improved: Multi-core optimization in curve fitting
  • Improved: Copying/pasting of column names with copying/pasting table data
  • Improved: 'Auto detect' alternative in comment lines prefix on import dialog
  • Improved: 'Maximum iterations number exceeding' shows message about fit error
  • Improved: New shortcut for creating Table (Ctrl+T)
  • Improved: OS X full-screen support (requires Mac OS X 10.7 with Java Update 1 installed)
  • Many minor improvements and bugs fixed

MagicPlot 1.5, Major update, May 24, 2011

Introducing MagicPlot 1.5

  • Added: Pro: Sorting tables
  • Added: Pro: Table Transposing
  • Added: Pro: Statistics toolbar
  • Added: Table columns statistics functions in column formula
  • Added: Pro: Histograms calculation
  • Added: Vertical bars drawing
  • Added: Pro: Quick Plot tool
  • Added: Fullscreen mode (F11)
  • Added: Opening multiple projects in one instance of app, importing with '-silent' key
  • Added: Remainder Operator % in parser (all formulas, calculator, etc.)
  • Added: Exporting multiple images and tables from project tree context menu, expand/collapse all menu item in Project context menu
  • Improved: 'Use alternative text output method for export/printing' checkbox in preferences
  • Improved: Fit Plot: Sum fit interval is updated when x data range is changed if interval was 'full' before changing
  • Improved: Plot data points under mouse cursor are denoted on mini-plots also (import dialog, histogram dialog, etc.)
  • Improved: Axes scale and titles can be applied from Figure template
  • Improved: Excel-like shortcuts Ctrl+Arrows for table navigation
  • Improved: Highlighting text labels and invisible components on mouse over
  • Fixed: Drawing of Fit Curves with breaks (when y = NaN or infinite)
  • Fixed: Exporting tables in text files: decimal separator from MagicPlot Preferences was used instead of system default decimal separator
  • Fixed: Create Tables from Curves: index x column was not exported
  • Fixed: Mac OS X: Selecting table columns with Cmd
  • Fixed: Incorrect rounding of values on axes with manual increment setting in some cases
  • Fixed: Incorrect line and parabola curves anchor points moving if some parameters are locked
  • Fixed: Creating a copy of a table with FFT evaluator which uses columns from not cloning table
  • Fixed: PDF export and copying without margins
  • Fixed: Illegal size of EMF images and copied vector images on Windows
  • Some little bugs fixed

MagicPlot 1.4.1, Minor update, Mar 04, 2011

Introducing MagicPlot 1.4

  • Added: Move Table(s) to another Folder
  • Fixed: Custom curve equation editing: error if new equation contains a syntax error and the number of found parameters is less than before this edit
  • Fixed: Error if plot contains only 1 point with big coordinates (~ >1e15), autoscale did not work in this case
  • Fixed: Inverse order of curves in Guess Peaks
  • Fixed: Ctrl+A shortcut did not select all axes on Figure
  • Fixed: 'Import Table here' on first Folder does not select this folder in Import dialog
  • Some little bugs fixed

MagicPlot 1.4, Major update, Feb 22, 2011

  • Added: Joint parameters can be proportional, not only equal
  • Added: Reading and renaming table column names when importing tables from text files
  • Added: Import tables from clipboard with import wizard
  • Added: Setting the scale of selected axes in inspector toolbar
  • Added: Creating a copy of Tables, Fit Plots and Figures
  • Added: Curve selection, editing cure style in inspector panel without dialog opening
  • Added: Cut, Copy and Paste curves between Fit Plots and Figures
  • Added: Tab/Shift+Tab and arrow keys select next/previous curve on plot or figure
  • Added: Changing Fit Curves order by dragging in curves table
  • Added: Adjusting parameters with mouse wheel (with Ctrl pressed)
  • Added: Help about inserting Greek letters and math symbols in shortcuts window
  • Added: 'Colorize Selected' item in color button menu when multiple curves are selected
  • Added: Parameters covariance matrix in Fit Report
  • Improved: Correct processing of missing values and repeated column delimiter in imported text file with table
  • Improved: Highlighting of suspicious curve (peak) if fit has not converged
  • Improved: Text redrawing on Figures and Fit Plots was optimized: much faster redrawing of big texts
  • Improved: New table is created in selected dataset in project tree if any
  • Improved: Adding Figure components in Figure properties dialog: project tree view improved, double click support
  • Improved: Using row number as X when adding table data to Figure, adding multiple data without closing dialog
  • Improved: Setting Y error column just in import wizard
  • Improved: Image zoom “smoothed”
  • Improved: Scale (linear/log10) type is now saved in Figure templates
  • Improved: Adding data to Figure from multiple Tables (in Figure properties dialog): Column selection dialog is showed once for all Tables
  • Improved: Continuous interval selection of legend labels (and curves) with Shift
  • Improved: Fit stops after tho consecutive iterations (not one) which changes Chi square smaller than the minimum deviation decrement
  • Improved: Coping and pasting tables: No more 'NaNs' in copied tables, empty rows are preserved when pasting
  • Improved: Message about ignoring weightings by incorrect Y error while fitting
  • Fixed: Table from Curves failed to add table to new folder, some tooltips were added
  • Fixed: Inverted scale: log scale labels, scrolling, splitting fit intervals
  • Fixed: Custom grid lines at 0 position
  • Fixed: Scale scrollbars bounds did not account for Fit Curves after opening of Fit Plot
  • Fixed: Multiple selected objects bringing to front and sending to back
  • Fixed: Ctrl+Ins, Shift+Ins, Shift+Del shortcuts did not work with drawn objects and in text label editing
  • Fixed: Marker types setting when adding multiple data to Figure
  • Fixed: Issue on deleting table with Fit Plot data which is used on Figure
  • Fixed: Incorrect numbers rounding when axes labels multiplier is not equal to 1
  • Fixed: Fitting with joined parameters when not all joint curves are summed
  • Fixed: Drawing error bars when showing fit residual
  • Fixed: Columns rearranging on Linux with Win (Meta) key pressed
  • Fixed: Critical issue with saving project files with " (quotes) in some Figure legends
  • Fixed: Legends format is some cases was not saved in project file
  • Fixed: Joining parameters of one curve
  • Fixed: Absence of error for formula a^-b in some cases. Now braces are always required: a^(-b)
  • Fixed: Measuring distance with scale zoom tool: current axes selection was ignored
  • Fixed: Undo of changing image size in some cases
  • Fixed: Filling under spline-connected data curves
  • Fixed: Critical issue: incorrect accounting for y errors from columns in fitting
  • Fixed: Deleting table with deleted columns with evaluators
  • Fixed: Undoing custom fit equation editing with illegal expression
  • Many other little improvements and fixes

MagicPlot 1.3.2, Bug fixing and minor update release, Dec 10, 2010

  • Added: Log10 scale
  • Added: 'Restore Auto Positioning' context menu item for manually positioned axes labels and legends
  • Added: Changing canvas size option: scale image or resize canvas only
  • Added: '% of Canvas Size' units in Dimensions toolbar
  • Improved: Positions of pasted drawings are more useful
  • Improved: Arrow keys move objects by 1 mm, and by 0.1 mm with Shift key pressed
  • Improved: Pasting drawing objects with preserving x and y coordinates of original objects (when canvas size is enough)
  • Improved: Drawed objects scaling when applying Figure template with changing Canvas size
  • Improved: Editable fields for line widths, etc.
  • Fixed: Error bars are not shown after project opening before updating error data
  • Fixed: Unclear error bars and drop lines rendering
  • Fixed: Mouse cursor coordinates are calculated incorrectly if canvas is zoomed
  • Fixed: Opening image export dialog error if 'Desktop' API is not supported by JVM (e.g. on Kububtu)
  • Fixed: Error on setting zero scale interval
  • Multiple little improvements
  • Added: Residual button on Fit Plot which shows fit residual while pressed
  • Added: Additional types of data markers and arrows
  • Added: Connecting data points with Bezier spline
  • Added: Distance measurement with zoom rectangle
  • Fixed: Error on saving projects with 'computed' NaN values ('invalid entry crc-32' error message)
  • Fixed: The old project file will not be rewritten if project saving fails on disk error or internal bug
  • Fixed: Smoothing in Guess Peaks dialog does not work
  • Fixed: Memory leakage on project closing in some cases
  • Fixed: Fuzzy rendering of arrows and markers on screen
  • Fixed: Index column values if used on plots and figures begin now from 1, not from 0
  • Fixed: Added clipping for line-connected curves (more efficient redrawing, vector files size was reduced)
  • Fixed: Applying Figure templates: axes titles text format was mistakenly applied
  • Fixed: Slow dragging of multiple objects
  • Multiple little improvements and fixes

MagicPlot 1.3, Major update, Oct 25, 2010

New Major features

Other new features and improvements

  • Added: Auto fit column by clicking on right table header separator
  • Added: 'Select all' by click in upper left table corner
  • Added: 'Remove' item in Curve context menu on Figure and Fit Plot, Delete and Backspace keys work for Fit Curves
  • Added: 'Delete Cell in Column' menu item
  • Improved: Column evaluators are indicated by blue column header and appropriate tool tip
  • Improved: Setting +/- factor in FFT
  • Improved: Style on Unix-like systems: no bold fonts
  • Improved: History dialog shows saved state with bold font
  • Improved: Selecting fit curves by mouse improved
  • Improved: Y-scale buttons preserve y=0 position if it is visible
  • Improved: Now you can enter expression in every numeric field
  • Improved: 'Show' checkbox is automatically set when 'sum' is selected
  • Improved: MagicPlot Calculator 1.1 integrated
  • Improved: MagicPlot can be minimized to task bar while Calculator window is still on top
  • Changed: Calculator tool is now available in Student edition also (not only in Pro)
  • Fixed: Saving files with dot in name issue (name was truncated after dot)
  • Fixed: Some table editing user interface issues
  • Fixed: Experience on Mac OS X: MagicPlot application menu, opening projects from Finder, 'modified' symbol on window close button
  • Fixed: Entering special chars on Mac using Option key now works
  • Fixed: Legend text alignment was not saved
  • Fixed: High-resolution icon in Windows version added
  • Fixed: Set column formula: issue with setting row numbers outside the actual table size
  • Many minor improvements and fixes

MagicPlot 1.2.2, Bug fixing release, Sept 22, 2010

  • Fixed: Table editing user interface issues, on Mac OS X especially
  • Fixed: 'if' operator in calculator
  • Fixed: Some other little bugs

MagicPlot 1.2.1, Minor update and bug fixing release, Sept 18, 2010

New Major features

Other new features and improvements

  • Added: Delete item in fit curve context menu on fit plot
  • Improved: Files sorting on import
  • Improved: Fit Plot naming
  • Changed: Linux GTK+ look-and-feel will not more be used because of many bugs in it (icons in table error, no separators in menu, error on opening windows with some GTK styles, etc.)
  • Changed: Improved inserting table columns and rows (now user can specifying number and before/after)
  • Changed: Folders state (extended/collapsed) is saved in Project file
  • Fixed: Fit Plot Data and Fit Sum show/hide state is stored in Project file
  • Fixed: Import text files with dot (.) in name: the end of the name after last dot will not be trancated if it is not standard extension
  • Fixed: 'Cannot create virtual machine' error on start in some circumstances (heap size problem)
  • Some little bugs were fixed and some improvements were made

MagicPlot 1.2, Major update, 18.06.2010

  • Added: Setting column formula
  • Added: Integration, differentiation, FFT
  • Added: Multiple axes on Figures
  • Added: Text label, line, arrow, rectangle, ellipse drawing
  • Many other features added
  • Many bugs fixed

MagicPlot 1.03, Major update, 26.06.2009

  • Major update of plots/figures rendering, changeable axes and curves style

MagicPlot 1.02, Bug fixing release, 10.12.2008

MagicPlot 1.01, Minor update, 08.12.2008

MagicPlot 1.0, First public release, 18.11.2008

  • Development started in March 2007.

MagicPlot Calculator Release Notes

MagicPlot Calculator 1.1, 16.10.2010

  • Integrated in MagicPlot 1.3.
  • Improved: Calculator application menu on Mac OS X implemented (About and Quit items)
  • Changed: Variables field moved from the left to the right
  • Fixed: Syntax highlighting update

MagicPlot Calculator 1.0, 18.09.2010

  • First release, integrated in MagicPlot 1.2.1.
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