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-====== How to Open .mppz File? ====== 
-The ''​.mppz''​ file extension is used for **MagicPlot project** files. MagicPlot is a popular cross-platform application for scientific data analysis and plotting. MagicPlot project files ''​.mppz''​ contains data tables, plots and formulas. You can use MagicPlot Pro or MagicPlot Student for opening these files. Download MagicPlot application from the official site for free: http://​​downloads.php 
-===== What does it look like? ===== 
-MagicPlot Project (''​.mppz''​ file) opened in MagicPlot Pro application:​ 
-{{::​magicplot.png?​nolink|MagicPlot Project opened in MagicPlot Pro application}} 
-===== MPPZ Acronym ===== 
-''​.mppz''​ file extension means **M**agic**P**lot **P**roject **Z**ipped. Project files are automatically compressed with ZIP algorithm to reduce size. 
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