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 ====== MagicPlot User Guide ====== ====== MagicPlot User Guide ======
-Compiled ​from [[magicplot_wiki_home|online help]] ​on <​date>​\\ +This PDF document was compiled ​from MagicPlot ​[[magicplot_wiki_home|online help]]
-(c) 2013, Magicplot Systems, LLC\\ + 
-Alexander Levantovsky\\+(c) 2016, Magicplot Systems, LLC\\
 [[http://​|]] [[http://​|]]
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 {{page>​[curves]}} {{page>​[curves]}}
 {{page>​[quick_plot]}} {{page>​[quick_plot]}}
-====== Editing Figures ======+====== ​Creating and Editing Figures ======
 {{page>​[create_figure]}} {{page>​[create_figure]}}
 {{page>​[add_axes]}} {{page>​[add_axes]}}
 {{page>​[axes_components]}} {{page>​[axes_components]}}
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