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 +====== How to Switch on deleted legend? ======
 +  * MagicPlot shows legend box if 1) legend is switched on in axes properties, and 2) legend text is present (not empty). ​
 +  * Deleting legend box on plot is equal to switching off legend in properties dialog. ​
 +  * Deleting legend text label on plot is equal to setting empty legend text.
 +===== Switching on Legend Box =====
 +To switch ob legend box select axes box on plot and set Legend checkbox in inspector toolbar.
 +===== Switching on deleted legend for data or fit sum curve on Fit Plot =====
 +To reset deleted legend for data or fit sum curves on Fit Plot toggle '​Data'​ or '​Sum'​ checkbox in Fit Plot window. Legend text will be reset to default and you will be able to edit in on plot.
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