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System Requirements and First Launch

MagicPlot is a cross-platform application based on Java technology. You need to install JavaSE (Java Standard Edition) Virtual Machine (JVM, also referred as Java Runtime Environment, JRE) with version not older than 6. Java 6 is also referred to as Java 1.6.

Where to get the Java Virtual Machine?

  • Microsoft Windows users:
  • Mac OS X users: Use the Software Update feature of your operating system if needed.
  • Unix-like system users: or
    • If you run MagicPlot jar-file from command line, set the maximum Java heap size by specifying the following parameters:
      java -Xmx1024m -jar magicplot.jar
    • MagicPlot may not launch on old versions of OpenJDK Java Runtime (MagicPlot already works with 1.6.0_18) which may be installed by default on your Unix-like system. In such case update OpenJDK Java Runtime or install JVM from

First Launch

  • MagicPlot does not need any installation procedure.
  • Put MagicPlot executable file to directory you prefer.
  • MagicPlot preferences and registration data are stored in your operating system profile and are individual for each account.

Opening Projects on Double Click

To make Windows to open your MagicPlot project files (.mppz) in MagicPlot just open context menu of one project file in Explorer and select Open With → Choose Program item. In the opened window press Browse button and choose MagicPlot.exe file. Click to select the Always use the selected program to open this kind of file check box if it is not selected.

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