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System Requirements and First Launch

MagicPlot cross-platform application based on Java technology. You need to install JavaSE (Java Standard Edition) Virtual Machine (JVM, also referred as Java Runtime Environment, JRE) with version not older 6 (Java 6 is also referred as Java 1.6).

Where to get the Java Virtual Machine?

  • Microsoft Windows users:
  • Mac OS X users: Use the Software Update feature if needed.
  • Unix-like system users:
    • If you run MagicPlot jar-file from command line, set the maximum Java heap size by the following parameters: java -Xmx1024m -jar magicplot.jar
    • MagicPlot may not work on OpenJDK which may be installed by default on your Unix-like system.

First Launch

  • MagicPlot does not need any installation procedure.
  • Put MagicPlot executable file to directory you prefer.
  • MagicPlot preferences and registration data are stored in your operating system profile and are individual for every account.
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