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Keyboard Shortcuts

MagicPlot keyboard shortcuts are almost the same in different operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux). The main difference is in modifier keys used: Ctrl on PC (Windows, Linux) and Command on Mac. Some shortcuts were altered to avoid coincidences with system ones.

Common shortcuts

Windows or Linux Key Mac OS Key Action
Ctrl+O ⌘ O Open project
Ctrl+S ⌘ S Save project
Ctrl+Shift+S ⌘ ⇧ S Save project as
Ctrl+N ⌘ N New project
Ctrl+I ⌘ I Import table from text file
Ctrl+P ⌘ P Preview image
Ctrl+E ⌘ E Export image
Ctrl+U ⌘ U MagicPlot preferences
Ctrl+Q ⌘ Q Quit
Ctrl+Z ⌘ Z Undo
Ctrl+Shift+Z or Ctrl+Y ⌘ ⇧ Z or ⌘ Y Redo
Ctrl+H ⌘ H Show command history window
Ctrl+X ⌘ X Cut
Ctrl+C ⌘ C Copy
Ctrl+V ⌘ V Paste
Ctrl+A ⌘ A Select all

Table shortcuts

Windows or Linux Key Mac OS Key Action
F2 (double click only) Edit cell
Ctrl+F2 ⌘ F2 Set or edit column formula
Ctrl+Enter ⌘ Return Recalculate column
Ctrl (Drag header) (Drag header) Rearrange table columns

Figure, Plot shortcuts

Windows or Linux Key Mac OS Key Action
Alt+Enter ⌥ Return Open Plot/Figure properties window
Arrows keys Arrows keys Move selected object(s) by 1 pixel
Shift+Arrows keys ⇧ Arrows keys Move selected object(s) by 10 pixel
Ctrl (Drag object) (Drag object) Turn off dragging objects sticking
Escape Escape Clear selection
Scale Scrolling and Zoom
Scrolling 1) Scrolling Vertical (Y) scale scrolling
Shift+Scrolling ⇧ Scrolling Horizontal (X) scale scrolling
Ctrl+Scrolling ⌘ Scrolling Vertical (Y) scale zooming
Ctrl+Shift+Scrolling ⌘ ⇧ Scrolling Horizontal (X) scale zooming
Left mouse button+Scrolling Scrolling Proportional (X and Y) scale zooming
Scrolling means mouse wheel rotation or touchpad vertical scrolling
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