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Open Table or Figure or Plot with initial data and use Processing → Integrate menu item.

Integrate table columns dialog Integrate curve dialog

Baseline Correction

If your initial data to be integrated contains a baseline (usually constant or linear), you might to subtract it from data before integrating. The constant baseline will result in linearly growing integral.

In such case the algorithm may be the following:

  1. Create Fit Plot with your initial table data
  2. Add a Fit Curve which simulates the baseline. Usually it will be Line Fit Curve. You may specify you own equation (Pro only)
  3. Specify Fit Interval so that it does contain only noise points
  4. Fit the data by clicking Fit Sum button
  5. Subtract the baseline fitting curve from data by checking Baseline check box in curves list
  6. Use menu Processing → Integrate to integrate the data without baseline


To perform integration you should specify two columns: x and y. Missing values are ignored.

MagicPlot uses trapezoidal rule to compute the integral:

I_n = sum{i=2}{n}{(x_i} − x_{i − 1}) {{y_i + y_{i − 1}} / 2},~ n=2...N;~~ I_1=0

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