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-====== Integration (Pro edition only) ===== 
-Open Table or Figure or Fit Plot with initial data and select ''​Processing -> Integrate''​ menu item. 
-===== Baseline Correction ===== 
-If your initial data to be integrated contains a baseline (usually constant or linear), you may want to subtract it from data **before** integrating. (A constant baseline will result in linearly growing integral.) ​ 
-In such case the algorithm may be the following: 
-  - Create Fit Plot with your initial table data 
-  - Add a Fit Curve which simulates the baseline. You may specify a custom equation (Pro edition only) 
-  - Specify Fit Interval so that it contains only noise points 
-  - Fit the data by clicking ''​Fit Sum''​ button 
-  - Subtract the baseline fitting curve from data by checking ''​Baseline''​ checkbox in curves list 
-  - Use menu ''​Processing → Integrate''​ to integrate the plotted data without baseline. 
-===== Formula ===== 
-To perform integration you should specify two columns: //x// and //y//. Missing values are ignored. 
-MagicPlot uses [[wp>​Trapezoidal_rule|trapezoidal rule]] to compute the integral: 
-<​m>​I_n = 1/2 sum{i=2}{n}{(x_i} − x_{i − 1}) ({y_i + y_{i − 1})},~ n=2...N;~~ I_1=0</​m>​ 
-===== See Also ===== 
-  * [[processing]] 
-  * [[Differentiation]] 
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