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-====== Preview Image ====== 
-Use ''Project -> Image Preview'' menu item to open image preview window. 
-===== Preview features ===== 
-  * Changing the zoom of the image 
-  * Preview in gray scale 
-  * Transparent images can be previewed on selected background color 
-{{:preview.png|Image Preview window}} 
-===== Preview zoom options ===== 
-You can set zoom in % of real size (the size will be actually real only if the dots per inch (DPI) is correctly set in your operating system). Other options are ''Fit to Window'', ''Fit Width'', ''Fit Height'', ''Pixel-to-Pixel''. The last option ''Pixel-to-Pixel'' allows you to see the accurate image that you will get using export in raster image format. The resolution of exported raster image is evaluated as a product of canvas size and DPI value specified in ''Canvas'' tab of Figure/Fit Plot Properties window. 
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