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-====== Export Vector Images ====== +====== Image Export ===== 
-The following [[wp>vector graphics]] formats are supported (MagicPlot 1.04): +To export Figure or Fit Plot image click on ''Project -Export Image'' menu item or use corresponding toolbar button
-  * [[wp>pdf]] +You can set various options of file export format by clicking on ''Format Options'' button in ''Export Image'' dialog window.
-  * [[wp>Encapsulated_PostScript|eps]] +
-  * [[wp>Enhanced_Windows_Metafile|emf]]+
-To export [[Figure]] or [[Plot]] image click on ''File-Export Image'' menu item or use corresponding tool bar button.+You can also [[copy_image|copy image]] to clipboard.
-You can set the various options of export file format by clicking on ''Format Options'' button in ''Export Image'' dialog window.+===== Raster Image Formats ===== 
 +The following lossless [[wp>raster graphics]] formats are supported: 
 +  * [[wp>Portable_Network_Graphics|PNG]] --- the most suitable format for Fit Plots and Figures 
 +  * [[wp>GIF]] --- supports only 256 colours and no transparency, out-of-date format 
 +  * [[wp>BMP_file_format|BMP]] --- uncompressed raster format (large file size)
-===== Fonts embedding in EPS and PDF ===== +==== Setting the resolution of exported raster image ==== 
-There are three options of text drawing and text embedding in vector graphics files EPS and PDF:  +Image resolution for raster export can be set individually for every Figure and Fit Plot in ''Canvas'' tab of the ''Properties'' window. The default resolution is 300 DPI.
-  * Embed font type 1 -- recommended for Latin letters +
-  * Embed font type 3 +
-  * Draw text as shapes -- recommended if non-Latin symbols are not drawn properly+
-===== Non-Latin symbols ===== +==== Why is MagicPlot not capable to export images in JPEG format? ==== 
-If you write text labels (egaxis titles) using non-Latin symbols (egCyrillic letters), embedding these symbols from font may not work+[[wp>JPEG]] is a commonly used format of [[wp>lossy compression]] for photographic images. The JPEG compression algorithm is at its best on photographs and paintings of realistic scenes with smooth variations of tone and color. However, JPEG is not suited for line drawings and other textual or iconic graphics, where sharp contrasts between adjacent pixels cause noticeable artefacts. Such images are better saved in a lossless raster graphics format such as BMP, GIF, PNG or vector graphics formats. 
-If you have trouble with export of non-Latin letters please set ''Draw text as shapes'' check-box in ''Format Options''.+ 
 +^  PNG and JPEG Comparison ((If you use Opera browser with Opera Turbo option the images will appear recompressed in JPEG format and this comparison is void.))  ^^ 
 +|  {{:figure.png?nolink|}}  |  {{:figure.jpg?nolink|}} 
 +|  **PNG**  |  **JPEG** 
 +===== Vector Image Formats ===== 
 +The following [[wp>vector graphics]] formats are supported: 
 +  * [[wp>PDF]] 
 +  * [[wp>Encapsulated_PostScript|EPS]] 
 +  * [[wp>Scalable_Vector_Graphics|SVG]] --- most suitable for web publications 
 +  * [[wp>Enhanced_Windows_Metafile|EMF]] --- the most suitable format for inserting in Windows applications like Microsoft Office 
 +==== Export in vector graphics formats by virtual printer ==== 
 +You also can use third-party virtual printer software to save an image in vector graphics format (use ''Project -> Print'' menu item). 
 +===== Image Format Restrictions ===== 
 +  * BMP: 
 +    * Transparent background is not supported. 
 +  * GIF: 
 +    * Transparent background is supported but semi-transparency is notOnly 256 colours. 
 +  * EMF and vector copy on Windows: 
 +    * No semi-transparent colors (but transparent background is supported)
 +    * Image may be opened without antialiasing in some applications
 +    * Text tracking changing is not supported 
 +  * EPS: 
 +    * Transparency is available only in Acrobat Distiller. Set ''Allow Pdfmark Transparency'' checkbox in EPS format options, add ''/AllowTransparency true'' into Acrobat Distiller'''.joboptions'' file. 
 +    * Transparent images inserted on plots will have solid color background. 
 +  * Raster image copying: 
 +    * Transparent background is not supported. 
 +===== See Also ===== 
 +  * [[copy_image]] 
 +  * [[image_preview]]
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