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Histogram Calculation (Pro edition only)

Open Table or Figure or Fit Plot with initial data and select Processing → Histogram menu item to calculate histogram.

Histogram creation dialog


You can either set the bin width/count manually or specify auto binning criteria.

Bin Bounds

MagicPlot align the the lower limit of the first bin exactly at the beginning of specified histogram range (From: field). The upper limit of the last bin is calculated on the basis of bin width and may be greater than the specified right histogram limit (to: field) as shown on the screenshot above.

Auto Binning Criteria

You can enter any criteria in ''Auto Binning'' combo box.
  • Typing k=… means setting the number of bins k
  • Typing h=… means setting the bin width h.
The default alternatives are:
You can use these parameters in the expression:
  • n — the number of data points
  • s — data standard deviation
  • m — data mean
  • min — data minimum
  • max — data maximum.

Preview Plot

The preview plot shows the histogram which is evaluated according to selected parameters. It also shows the data point positions on X axis in the bottom of the plot.

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