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Getting Started: Tables, Figures and Fit Plots

MagicPlot projects contain Tables, Figures and Fit Plots.

  • Tables contain only numerical data.
  • Tables which contain associated data are located in one Folder.
  • Fit Plots are intended for non-linear curve fitting and subtracting baselines.
  • Figures are intended to graphically represent multiple data.

Project tree

Typically, you need to open, edit, process, plot and fit multiple data of various experiments or series of experiments within single project. Ordinarily you have the source (imported) Table and a number of Tables with derivative data, such as Fourier transform or statistics of source Table data. MagicPlot automatically creates a new Folder every time you import new Table. All derivative data is stored in the same Folder by default. All Plots created from Tables in certain Folder are stored in the same Folder.

Where to start?

In most cases you may start with importing table from text file by clicking Project → Import Text Table menu item.

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