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-====== Drawing on Figures and Fit Plots, Image Zoom and Objects Selection ====== 
-You can draw the following kinds of objects on Figures and Fit Plots (Pro edition only): 
-  * Text labels with formatting support 
-  * Lines 
-  * Arrows 
-  * Rectangles 
-  * Ellipses 
-  * Inserting images 
-{{::​drawing-toolbar.png?​nolink|Drawing buttons on the toolbar}} 
-Select an appropriate instrument in the toolbar to draw an object. 
-The properties of selected objects can be changed in the inspector toolbar (the second row of toolbar). 
-===== Image Zooming (Pro edition only) ===== 
-If you need to precisely draw some small objects you can zoom in the image using slider in right bottom (Pro only). 
-There are several alternative ways to change the image zoom: 
-  * Scroll the mouse wheel at the image zoom slider 
-  * Ctrl+scroll (Cmd+scroll on Mac) mouse wheel at blank part of plot (outside all axes boxes) 
-  * The button ''​1x''​ and Alt+click (Option+click on Mac) on plot fits the image to the window. 
-{{:​canvas_zoom.png|Image zoom slider and buttons}} 
-===== Do not Confuse Scale Scrolling and Image Zoom ===== 
-  * **[[scale_navigation|Scale scrolling]]** affects the x/y scale minimum and maximum values. Use scale scrolling for data navigation 
-  * **Image zoom** enlarges the entire image (Pro edition only). Use image zoom for accurate drawing of small objects. 
-===== Objects selection ===== 
-Every object can be selected by clicking on its border or inside it. Hold ''​Ctrl''​ key (Windows, Linux) or ''​Shift''​ key (Mac OS) and click another object to add it to current selection. 
-===== Moving an Object Forward or Backward ===== 
-When objects overlap, you can change the order of objects drawing. Use ''​Bring to Front''​ and ''​Send to Back''​ items in object context menu (right click on object to open menu). 
-{{:​to_front.png|Ellipse context menu}} 
-===== Changing Curves Order on Figure ===== 
-You can change the order of drawing the curves on Figure. The curves order can be set in ''​Figure Properties''​ window, ''​Axes Properties''​ tab -> ''​Components''​ tab. Select desired curves in list, then hold ''​Alt''​ and press up/down arrow keys. You may also use ''​Move Up''​ and ''​Move Down''​ items in ''​Waterfall''​ button menu. 
-===== Snapping to Other Objects ===== 
-When you drag an object or change its size, MagicPlot will try to snap the bounds of this object to other objects. While snapping MagicPlot shows you a red ruler and an object to which the bounds are snapping. If you do not want to align your objects this way, hold ''​Ctrl''​ key to disable snapping. 
-{{:​snapping.png|Snapping to other objects}} 
-===== See Also ===== 
-  * [[scale_navigation]] 
-  * [[curves]] 
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