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Differentiation (Pro edition only)

Open Table or Figure or Plot with initial data and use Processing → Differentiate menu item.


To perform differentiation you should specify two columns: x and y. Missing values are ignored.

MagicPlot uses central difference formula to compute the derivative:

{y prime}_i = 1/2 ({y_{i+1} − y_i}/{x_{i+1} − x_i} + {y_i − y_{i − 1}}/{x_i − x_{i − 1}}),~ i=2...N − 1

First and last points (i=1 and i=N) are computed as follows:

{y prime}_1 = {y_2 − y_1}/{x_2 − x_1} ,~~ {y prime}_N = {y_N − y_{N − 1}}/{x_N − x_{N − 1}}

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