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MagicPlot Calculator

MagicPlot Calculator is a useful formula calculator which is embedded in MagicPlot (Pro edition only). To open calculator use Tools→Calculator menu item. MagicPlot Calculator can also be used as free standalone software application. You can download it here

MagicPlot Calculator uses the same formula syntax as other formula fields in MagicPlot application. Instead of other formula fields calculator supports comma (,) as decimal separator (1.2 = 1,2) so use semicolon (;) as function arguments separator: min(1;2). MagicPlot Calculator supports user variables.

MagicPlot Calculator

  • Type (12+4)*sin(pi/2) and press Enter to get the result
  • Type a=5 to set variable a to 5
  • Use Up/Down keys to recall previous expressions
  • Use ans (Ans) variable or press Ctrl+Up to insert las result
  • Standard functions and variables (sin, cos, pi, e, etc.) are supported

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