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-====== Adding and Arranging Curves on Figure Axes ====== 
-The best way to create a Figure with desired data is to select x and y data columns in Table and use ''​Create Figure''​ in Table context menu. 
-There are different ways to add data to existing Figure: 
-  * Select x and y columns in table with data, open table context menu (right click) and select ''​Add to Selected Axes''​ sub-menu. All currently opened Figures are listed in this sub-menu. 
-  * Open ''​Figure Properties''​ window and go to ''​Axes Properties -> Components''​ tab. Here you can select the Table in the project tree and press ''​Add to Axes''​ button. 
-  * Copy and paste Curve from Fit Plot or another Figure to your Figure. 
-You also can add Fit Curves or Fit Sum from Fit Plot to Figure. 
-===== Changing Curves Drawing Order ===== 
-To change Curves drawing order and legend entries order open ''​Figure Properties''​ dialog and go to ''​Axes Properties -> Components''​ tab. Drag rows in table to reorder. You can also use ''​Up''​ and ''​Down''​ buttons or press Alt + up/down keys (Option + up/down keys on Mac) to move selected row in table up or down. 
-{{:​curves_reordering.png?​nolink|Curves reordering in Figure properties dialog}} 
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