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The Errant Scientist

MagicPlot – no rabbits were harmed
Aug 7, 2013

<...> Where this really shines for me, is that you can create and re-use templates of previous graphs – a feature that almost makes me want to hug the developer for its user-friendliness. Nothing annoys me more than having to re-do the formatting on 4 different but similar figures for a publication – with MagicPlot you only need to do it once and then load from the template.”

Scientific Computing World

MagicPlot Pro 2.3 Review
May 17, 2013

“Then there is the appeal of a very clean, straightforward, easy to learn graphical interface, with little to confuse. The program itself is quick, responsive and light on its feet. <...> MagicPlot is well equipped for agile [plot] exploration, with ideas executed as quickly as conceived. As the mouse cursor (optionally a crosshair) moves, there is a continual display of coordinates. Tools are well implemented and refreshingly straightforward.”

Research 2.0 Blog

MagicPlot Pro 2.0 Review
January 29, 2012

“MagicPlot seems to be a rising star in the firmament of the data analysis and plotting softwares. <...> Considering all of the above, MagicPlot gets 5 stars out of 5. I really suggest it to anyone!”

MagicPlot Pro – an all-in-one plotting and visual analysis tool for researchers and engineers
September 13, 2013

“MagicPlot Pro is exactly what you need for convenient and efficient data analysis, non-linear curve fitting and plotting. Compact, fast and truly universal, this great tool will become your reliable aide for tasks of any complexity level.”

I Love Free Software

Free Plotting Software for Nonlinear Curve Fitting: MagicPlot Student
January 6, 2012

“So, if you are a Math or Science student, and need to plot data; do check out MagicPlot Student. It is a full featured plotting software that works pretty well.”

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