Weird plotting using limits

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Weird plotting using limits

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Find attached the file where I show the feature.
Both curves use the same equation and parameters, the only difference is the order of parameters in the "if" condition. None of those work properly, but one works weirder than the other, i.e., despite I have introduced two limits, only one is considered in one curve and none in the other curve.

Edit, Solved?: Ok, I have added two more curves which works properly, using the and condition or splitting the "if" condition
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Re: Weird plotting using limits

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Such syntax with two >/< operators with the same operand is not supported, but the parced does not show an error (so we need to fix that and show an error of cource):

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xs<x<xt (not supported)
The correct way is using AND operator:

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xs<x & x<xt (correct)

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