auto save feature

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auto save feature

Post by Lautibah »

I think the auto-save is nice and it is even nicer that the weird blinking thing was fixed.
But I have a question about it: when you have both files (auto saved and normal one) and you open the older one, you are asked for "which one of those would you like to open". But afterwards, the older is also kept and if you keep doing this process multiple times you get multiple files about the same project.

Am I supossed to delete the older one and rename the new one everytime?

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Re: auto save feature

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The auto save feature was designed for using in rare cases. Your project data is the highest value for us, and we make our best to prevent the data loss with erroneous clicking on buttons in dialog windows (which nobody want to read in fact). This is why MagicPlot preserves both files after recovering: the user may be choked with the message shown and with the potential data loss for the first time and can select the incorrect file by mistake. Some people may don't want to restore the latest auto saved file because they did not expect to save the project after some manipulation with it. Moreover, despite that the latest versions of MagicPlot checks the integrity of the project file after saving before rewriting the older version of the file, the file still may be corrupted if you have a problem with the file system, broken flash drive, bad USB contacts, etc. So we give to the user a second try to check the project as does the trash functionality of operating system for example. We hope that the annoyance of that is less then the risk of the potential data loss.

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Re: auto save feature

Post by Lelandgar »

It's a pretty smart feature imo. I didn't even know it worked that way.

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