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List of Features

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Multiple operating systems support (Windows, Mac OS X, Unix-like) + +
No installation procedure, portable installation is available + +
Multiple undo and redo for all actions + +
Import tables from text files (.csv, .txt), import dialog with preview + +
Built-in formula calculator tool + +
Entering expressions in every numeric text field + +
Setting column calculation formulas with syntax highlighting and formula history + +
Optional auto recalculation of column when data in use are changed +
Batch Processing without scripting and macros +
Nonlinear Curve Fitting
Using advantages of multi-core processors + +
Multi-peak fitting + +
Fitting with sum of different functions + +
Predefined Gauss and Lorentz functions and their derivatives + +
Visual peaks adjusting (fit initial conditions) + +
Visual fitting interval setting + +
Y data errors usage + +
Easy subtraction of baseline and peak fitting functions from experimental data + +
Copying and pasting Fit Curves from one Fit Plot to another + +
Automatic peaks finding +
Splines for baseline subtraction with fitting capability +
Specifying custom fit equations +
Data Processing
Numerical integration of peaks in spectrum on specified intervals + +
Smoothing, Integration, Differentiation, FFT, [De-]Convolution, Correlation, Histograms +
Descriptive Statistics +
Numerical spectrum moments (mean, variance, etc.) calculation on selected intervals +
Table Sorting by multiple columns, table transposing +
Plotting Features
Plotting capabilities: lines, markers, drop lines, vertical bars, filling under curve + +
Error bars + +
Switching curves antialiasing on screen + +
Fully customizable style for each axis (ticks, labels, grid, etc.) + +
Custom grid lines and labels at specified positions + +
Transparent images and translucent colors of every object + +
In-place text labels editing with formatting support + +
2D waterfall plots and setting individual shifts for curves + +
Image zooming in for precise drawing +
Multiple axes on one figure, aligning axes +
Drawing: text labels, lines, arrows, rectangles, ellipses +
Saving and applying Figure templates +
Data Navigation and Exploration
Mouse cursor data coordinates in status bar + +
Showing data point and table row numbers for point under cursor + +
X and Y scrollbars for data navigation + +
Box zoom tool for scale + +
Hand drag tool for scale + +
Mouse wheel or touchpad scale scrolling and zooming + +
Quick Plot tool for viewing plot without adding new Figures to Project +
Figures Typography
Correct minus and multiplication signs (instead of hyphen and letter x) in exponential notation + +
English ligatures support (fi, etc.) + +
Tracking + +
Inserting special symbols (Greek letters, math symbols, dashes, etc.) + +
Image Export
Raster images export formats: PNG, GIF, BMP + +
Vector images export formats: EPS, PDF, SVG, EMF +
Copying of raster images to clipboard +
Copying of vector images to clipboard +
Usage and Support
Commercial usage +
E-mail support (write to support(at) +

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