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Data Processing and Changing Processing Parameters (Pro edition only)

Processing of Selected Data

MagicPlot Pro supports the following processing methods available in Processing menu:

To process data first select desired table columns or curves then select appropriate item in Processing menu. Processing parameters dialog will be opened.

Example: Smoothing Dialog

Processing of Multiple Selected Data

Different processing tools need different number of input columns or curves. You can process multiple selected columns of curves if one column or curve is enough for used processing method. Smoothing for example has one curve input so you can select smooth multiple curves at time. Otherwise Fourier transform need two (real and imaginary) curves so you cannot process multiple data with one click.

Auto Recalculation on Input Data Change

MagicPlot can automatically recalculate formula when data in used columns are changed. Set Auto Recalculate checkbox to enable this feature.

Editing Processing Parameters

You can edit processing parameters after processing using context menu of processing result (column or curve). You can also change processing parameters of multiple selected curves which were processed in the same way:

Table Menu Curve Menu Legend Menu
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