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MagicPlot Calculator

MagicPlot Calculator is a useful formula calculator built in MagicPlot. To open calculator use Tools → Calculator menu item.

Using calculator outside MagicPlot

Calculator window stays on top when MagicPlot main window is minimized to task bar (Dock on Mac), so you can use the Calculator when working with other applications.

Heron's formula in MagicPlot Calculator

Using the Calculator

  • Type expression like (12+4)*sin(pi/2) and press Enter to get the result
  • Type a=5 to set variable a to 5
  • Use Up/Down keys to recall previously entered expressions
  • Use ans variable or press Ctrl+Up to insert the result of latest operation
  • Standard functions and variables (sin, cos, pi, e, etc.) are supported

MagicPlot Calculator uses the same Expression Syntax as other formula fields in MagicPlot application.

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