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Adding and Arranging Curves on Figure Axes

The best way to create a Figure with desired data is to select x and y data columns in Table and use Create Figure in Table context menu.

There are different ways to add data to existing Figure:

  • Select x and y columns in table with data, open table context menu (right click) and select Add to Selected Axes sub-menu. All currently opened Figures are listed in this sub-menu.
  • Open Figure Properties window and go to Axes Properties → Components tab. Here you can select the Table in the project tree and press Add to Axes button.
  • Copy and paste Curve from Fit Plot or another Figure to your Figure.

You also can add Fit Curves or Fit Sum from Fit Plot to Figure.

Changing Curves Drawing Order

To change Curves drawing order and legend entries order open Figure Properties dialog and go to Axes Properties → Components tab. Drag rows in table to reorder. You can also use Up and Down buttons or press Alt + up/down keys (Option + up/down keys on Mac) to move selected row in table up or down.

Curves reordering in Figure properties dialog

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